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Who is Connie Smith?

           During most of my medical career, as a professional nurse for 32 years, including 27 years as a nurse-midwife, I have been committed to listening intently to my patients in an effort to discover and understand what truly creates health and wellbeing.  Over the course of my career I have delivered over 5,000 babies …and had the privilege of intimate relationships with thousands more individuals. I have offered many wellbeing-tools to my clients such as exercise, diet, meditation, journaling, and prayer to augment their standard western medical treatments, medications, and surgery, …but none of these led me to a greater understanding of disease and illness …and what offers and sustains genuine wellbeing.  Each person’s life experiences and emotional responses are unique, so, obviously, no one-size-fits-all-treatment could possibly succeed, …and they didn’t.

          When introducing and pioneering the practice of midwifery in Fresno, California, I applied these tools and many other non-conventional techniques in an attempt to fully understand pregnancy, birth, wellness, and illness, ...to answer my questions about health and wellbeing, ...and to help my patients understand their own beliefs and ways of life.  Obviously, there is a body-mind connection, but just as obvious is the awareness that your body and mind exist and function in oneness, …as a mindful body; …and disease is not dis-ease between your body and life, for your body clearly outpictures the self and life you have chosen …and are constantly living. My searching questions persisted, and my inquiries continued for years; …years of “getting close” …and seeing the answers slowly slip away, …for I learned that truth is always demonstrated with absolute consistency, which meant that the answer had to be absolutely constant and completely individual.  Whether disease or illness, what is occurring which is so different in each patient? Was I on an impossible search? At times, even I thought so, until…

          Well, until I met Dr. Diane (Misty) Mistler and Roger B. Cotting, a remarkable team of teachers who have dedicated their lives to awakening people to the joy, wonder, and empowerment of living life as it truly exists: …in Oneness.  Their purpose-inspired understandings and teachings are truly enlightening, …and the uniquely insightful views of life and the universe are genuinely transforming, transcending, and expanding.  Our paths crossed in Hawaii, not by accident, of course, …and I discovered that they too had been seeking answers to the same trail of questions about health, wellbeing, and illness that I had been following.  Our separate journeys had brought us together. I had spent lifetime after lifetime in the field of healthcare, …fighting disease and death, …teaching and nurturing the birth of new life, …and ever-seeking the true awareness of what creates wellbeing: …while Roger and Misty had spent lifetime after lifetime discovering and teaching how the universe functions, …and how all of life reflects this ONENESS of being. Our roads of discovery and teaching brought us together as a team, …so now we nurture each other and offer our awarenesses, insights, and understandings to all, …through books, seminars, and individual teachings.

          Even my brief study of acupuncture, which seemed so personal and individual in its application, revealed that though patients' symptoms were often lessened, this relief was usually very temporary ...as patients returned to living their lives as usualWas “life as usual” intimately involved in creating a life of illness?  Why do some people get cancer, while others, with similar factors and hazards do not?  Certainly, medical research shows that there is no cancer-causing-attitude, …so what is occurring?  What explains how some people with urinary tract infections are apparently healed after one course of treatment ...while others return with infection after infection?  And what is different in people who remain happy and healthy …though their family history is filled with severe, even crippling, diseases and illnesses?  Do they have a “lucky” gene? …a uniquely strong immune system or unusual immunity? …an unconventional attitude or belief?  I kept asking, …”what is happening?  What’s so special within them?”

          The philosophical structure of Wisdom of the Body is based on understanding that all things are uncaused emergent miracles; that cause and effect are simultaneously the same; that the unconditionally loving universe supports your every choice …without judgment; and that all things in life, though they seem different and separate, are wholly ONE.  I was skeptical of these teachings at first, …ohh, was I ever skeptical, …until I realized that these understandings reveal that continuing my long, frustrating search for the basis of health, wellbeing, and happiness, ...and for the causes and cures of diseases as I expected them to be, would be futile.

Your body is not filled with disease or wellbeing, but you can certainly live disease or wellbeing, …and disease is not dis-ease in your body or life. Whether you choose illness or wellbeing, the universe always supports your choice …without any judgment. And though your self/mind/disease or wellbeing seem different and separate, they are ONE, …for you are an eternal spirit that is mindfully embodied as a spiritually mindful body, …as a spiritually embodied mind; …you are now and always have been a ONENESS.

           Now, in light of traditional beliefs and teachings, these extraordinary awareness's were difficult to understand and accept, but once I understood that since my body/self/life/illness are one, then all body ailments reveal the self and life and illness or wellbeing of the life I am living.  This is the truth that is completely certain and consistent, yet is, without any contradiction, wholly individual.  It explains why many patients respond and are healed, while others continue their illness-living lives as usual.  And this reveals why many people with disease-filled family histories have a happy and healthy life: …because that’s the self and life they are living.  I had my answer!

          Your body fully/accurately/simultaneously outpictures the self and life you are living.  It’s that simple! I’ve been applying these awareness's in my practice for several years to help my patients see and understand what their illnesses, symptoms, and complications reveal about their life, …so that, with this knowledge, they can begin awakening and living the self and life they truly desire.  I’ve been rewarded with my patients’ delight and surprise at what I see and understand about what their body reveals about their personal life and struggles …and their many conflicting and misleading beliefs, attitudes, experiences, and reactions. Though at times deeply buried and hidden from their consciousness by their DENIAL, the truth is fully revealed upon and within their body. More important than their surprise, is their greater insight …and openness to this profound wisdom spoken to them from within their own body.  This new understanding about how they have been living their life, brought to consciousness, enables them to clearly focus their mind and finest abilities on choosing and living the life they truly desire.  This is often transformational.

         These truths, which I present as Wisdom of the Body , were developed and formalized by Roger and Misty …and have been taught since 1990.  And while their focus is upon completing seven books explaining and expanding these revelations; together, we are enlarging and amplifying the glossary and language of your body; and I am devoting my life to bringing these truths to the world.