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What is Wisdom of the Body?

Wisdom of the Body  is founded upon the awareness that all things are uncaused emergent miracles, …that cause and effect are simultaneously the same, …that the unconditionally loving universe, without judgment, supports your every choice, …and that all things in life, though they seem different and separate, are wholly ONE.  You may be as skeptical as I was about this, …until you realize that these understandings reveal that your long, frustrating search for the basis of health and wellbeing …and happiness, and the causes and cures of diseases as you expect them to be, are futile. Your body is not filled with disease or wellbeing, but you can certainly live disease’ingly or wellbeing. Disease is not dis-ease in your body or life. Whether you choose illness or wellbeing, the universe always supports your choice …without any judgment, …for you are always free to believe a belief, …think a thought, …live within an attitude, …direct your emotional flow, …say a word, …and select your doing and being in life. And even though self/mind/disease or wellbeing may seem different and separate, …in truth, they are ONE. You are an eternal spirit that is mindfully embodied; …you are a spiritually mindful body, …a spiritually embodied mind; …and you are and always have been a ONENESS.

           Now, in light of traditional beliefs and teachings based on duality and separation, these strange awarenesses may be difficult to understand and accept, …but once you understand that since your body/self/life/illness are one, then all body ailments reveal the self and life and illness or wellbeing of the life your are creating and living. 

This REVEALING SELF-TRUTH is completely certain and consistent, …and it clearly explains why many individuals respond to treatments and are healed, while others continue their illness-living lives as usual, …for everyone creates his/her self and life with every belief, thought, attitude, emotion, word, and action.  And this reveals why many people with disease-filled family histories have a happy and healthy life: because that’s the self and life they are living.  I have my answer! …now I offer it to you!

    Your body fully/accurately/simultaneously outpictures the self and life you are living.  It’s that simple! I’ve been applying these awarenesses in my practice for several years to help my patients clearly see and understand what their illnesses, symptoms, and complications reveal about their life, …so that, with this knowledge, they can begin creating and living the self and life they truly desire.  I’ve been rewarded with my patients’ delight and surprise at what they see and understand about their personal lives and struggles …and their many beliefs, attitudes, experiences, and reactions. Though at times deeply buried and hidden from their consciousness by their DENIAL, this selfrevealing-truth is outpictured in their body and life. More important than their surprise is their greater insight of and openness to this wisdom spoken to them from within their own body …and their increased awareness of the choices they have available.  These new conscious-understandings about how they have been living their life enliven them to focus their ability on choosing and living the life of their dreams.  

They are transformed!   

         These truths, which I present as, Wisdom of the Body, were developed and formalized by Roger B. Cotting and Dr. Diane (Misty) Mistler …and have been offered in seminars, books, and pamphlets from these remarkable teachers since 1990. They teach a self-chosen purpose-inspired way of life which the universe unconditionally supports. Everything in life is an emergent miracle, totally uncaused, offered to all according to their true choices. These awarenesses and teachings are known as FOREVER LIVING. Their focus today is upon completing seven books explaining and expanding these universal revelations, offering past life readings, composing and performing inspiring musical performances based upon these awareness, and teaching others to live their dreams. I am focusing on teaching these same revelations …from the perspective that wellbeing/disease enables individuals to understand the conflicting patterns of self and life they are creating and living, so they can openly and fully commit to living the self and life they truly desire. Now part of this team, …together we are enlarging and amplifying the glossary and language the body uses to reveal its personal-truths, developing tools to help people understand and use this transformational wisdom, and teaching individuals and groups to live their emergent truth and wonder.  I am devoting my life to bringing these revelations to the world.

          Wisdom of the Body is true …and precisely detailed to reveal that all of life functions emergently, miraculously, and personally for you, …but never causally. I have been using these universal-awarenesses …and body-wisdom language to help my patients understand what their illnesses and symptoms reveal about their present self and life …and their greatest and finest self of extraordinary meaning and purpose; …for understanding illness, wellbeing, and life without the duality of cause and effect, is to live the joy and power of your personal free will.  I hope you will open your mind and give this astounding wisdom a chance to demonstrate its truth. How can I prove its truth?  Truthis always demonstrated with absolute consistency, …for a truth is always and in all ways true.

          I’m not suggesting that we stop using our medical wisdom to help people with illness or pain. No individual should ever use this information INSTEAD of consulting a qualified medical provider. I am adding to the understanding of what is going on. When an individual understands what is happening, he or she may then decide to create and live an astounding new life of happiness and wellbeing.  It’s up to the individual, as always.  So my challenge to you is: …listen intently, learn, and practice speaking the language of your body.  Use this wisdom to understand what is truly happening in your body and life …and, as well, in the lives of your family, friends, or patients.  See for yourself the wondrous truths being revealed …and the expanded views and opportunities being offered.

        Wisdom of the Body teaches you to understand the language of your own body, …and as body/mind/spirit are completely one and inseparable, they form a spiritually mindful body.  Reading and understanding the messages revealed by the symptoms and illnesses of your body, and its strengths and wellbeing, brings you tremendous insights …and freedom from inner-struggles and misleading beliefs and emotions.

Your body is the greatest discovery tool ever written

...by you ...for you ...to you

it reveals how you are living your life

in exact detail and complete truth!

          Wisdom of the Body is based upon the awareness that since the very beginning, every attitude, every thought and word, every action and reaction, and every event and relationship you have ever expressed or experienced has been carried in consciousness in your soul.   From that, you have created your life, your body and health, your wellbeing and your happiness, …or your illnesses, disorders, disabilities, disappointments, and unhappiness.  Your physical body and wellbeing are patterned by you and are a confirmation of all you have ever thought or believed about yourself and others …and life.  Your body and wellbeing are enlivened by your attitudes, emotions, convictions, and everything you have ever believed and done, …and they are expressions of all that you hope to be.  What is your self-image? What do you appear to be? …to yourself? …to others?  What is the essence of your body and life today?

          The wisdom and wondrous language of your body, speaking in truth about how you are living your life, was developed from understanding that what and how you believe determines your expressions and experiences in life …and how you react to events and individuals. Beliefs are the “building blocks” of your life.  And just as beliefsbuild-up into certainty and resoluteness, cells build-up into tissues in your body; soft tissues being mild resoluteness, and hard tissues being firm or hardened or fixed resoluteness.  This is the beginning understanding of your body’s wisdom; …and from the smallest aspect to the largest, from the smallest function to the largest, your body speaks with and from every cell, tissue, organ, component, and body function about how you are living your life.

          Years of study and practice revealed that all body fluids (water, urine, blood, tears, perspiration, secretions) speak of your emotions; and that all gases (air, oxygen, other) speak of your attitudes. Bones reveal your inner-strength.  Your bowelstell of the removal from your body and life of waste matters …and undigested, unabsorbed, undesirable, beliefs, attitudes, emotions, and convictions.  Breathing is the action of taking in vigorous, inspiring, passionate attitudes …and releasing used or unnecessary ones.  Chewingis cogitating upon, considering, and breaking down the beliefs, attitudes, emotions, convictions you have taken in.  Feetoutpicture your understandings, your position in life, and your stance in life. Eyes reveal your insights, your ability to see and clearly understand. These are a few of your body's words …and ways of expressing its wisdom.

         Your circulatory system is the process of moving enriched emotions (oxygenated blood) throughout your spiritually mindful body and life, and removing depleted or harmful emotions (deoxygenated blood).  Your digestive system speaks of the process of change, …of accepting, examining, conforming, assimilating, and integrating what is desired, needed, and worthy …and wasting the remainder.  Your respiratory system reveals your process of taking in and preparing vital attitudes (air/oxygen) for use in enriching your emotions (blood), so your emotions can sustain and enrich you.  That’s enough examples of the words of your body systems, …let’s discuss the words of your organs.

        Your spleentells of how you form, filter, and store vital emotions  …and generally keep them healthy.  Your stomach is the examination, confirmation, and the beginning transformation of beliefs, attitudes, emotions, convictions, and other matter(s) to provide sustenance, nourishment, strength, and vitality for you and your life.  Your kidney talks of cleansing your emotions and maintaining a proper emotional balance of sharp, lively emotions.  Each organ speaks of a different function that is interrelated to your self and life, and to all other organs, systems, and functions, …which provides a fine image of how you are living your life.

        Medical science describes each action and interaction of a disease or illness in the body …and in the organs involved, and lists many obvious and not-so obvious symptoms of each illness; …from these outpicturings, we can become aware of and fully describe how individuals are living their life.  This is not to say that each disease or illness alone categorizes or completely describes each patient, for every person is an individual; therefore, each symptom and severity of symptom, each organ and function affected …and the severity of effect, and every other aspect must be considered in order to properly, clearly, and completely describe how patients are living their life.

        You and your body are one.  Your body faithfully portrays-–outpictures—you.  Your body is a reflective picture—a mirror image, though not reversed-- of you and exactly how you are living your life; …and your body-type, your weaknesses and strengths, your gene-pattern, your beginning environment and family in this life are all precise outpicturings of how you lived your precious life, …they have nothing whatsoever to do with luck or misfortune.  Albert Einstein reminds us, ”God does not play dice with the universe”, …nor with your body and life.

        I’m sure you have many questions about the foundation of your embodied wisdom, but I prefer to teach it in person so I can answer your questions as they arise.  I hope you will trust your urge to learn more about this extraordinary perspective and understanding of wellbeing and illness which expands your self-awareness far beyond present-day beliefs. You may reach me by phone at 1-808-325-3128, or by Email at Wizbod@alohabroadband.com  , to make plans for a seminar in your area.  Be the first in your area to learn the language and wisdom of your body and hear the teachings of your soul within.