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A Journey into SELF!

          No matter what you may have been taught, there is never any dis-ease between you and your body, …for you are well-suited companions in this life …constantly speaking openly, honestly, and intimately with each other. Your body always offers it tremendous guiding-wisdom in ways that speak louder than words, …but it never tells you what you should or should not do, …and it never judges your actions to declare what you ought to be or become. Your body clearly reveals the self and life you are creating and living, so that, with this knowledge, you can create and live the self and life of your dreams …and end your constant doubts and struggles and judgments …and illnesses.

          Let us begin by assuming you have an illness you truly want to resolve …so you can live the happiness and wellbeing you desire, …what are you willing to give up to gain relief from your illness? Assuming that you also want to see and understand the underlying conflicts which are outpicturing as illness in your body and life, and permanently resolve them, instead of endlessly searching for temporary relief of symptoms, so you can return to your self and life "as usual", …will you also create attitudes of continued wellbeing …and live the self and life you truly desire, instead of continuing the lifeself you feel you should live? …or ought to live? Will you give up old habits of illnessing? Will you end your path of traditional and inappropriate beliefs and thoughts? …your undesirable attitudes and emotions? …and your unenriching words and ways? Are you willing to give up resentments, guilts, fears, and anxieties …and no longer accuse and blame others? Are you willing to give up time spent seeking self-indulgent pleasures, desires, and satisfaction in order to have the happiness, wellbeing, and enriching fulfillment you truly desire? Are you willing to stop judging yourself and others? Are you willing to end your endless struggle to control and manipulate others and events in order to get what you want …and begin giving sincerely from yourself, so life can truly give to you as you offer to others?

What you are willing to give up is the only true measure of what you are willing to do to resolve your injuries, illnesses, and problems …and gain the happiness and wellbeing you desire.

          If we asked whether you will be forgiving, you would probably answer, "Sure! I'll try." But, if we ask whether you will give up your anger …and your habit of judging, accusing, and blaming, you will most likely hesitate. If you are not willing to relinquish your anger, judgments, resentments, accusations, and similar attitudes, emotions, and behaviors which you use to deny/limit/conceal yourself, …is it any wonder that your body and life are filled with problems, disappointments, hurts, and illnesses? …with little or no relief in sight? And if you are not willing to give up these things, you obviously only want temporary relief of your problems and symptoms …and a little bit of happiness and wellbeing, …and all the treatments, medications, good diet and exercise, intimate communications, healing seminars, and right thinking will never overcome your illness-way of life. Well, …you certainly know what that life is like, …don't you?

          You can begin relieving your problems by honestly sharing your feelings …and the beliefs and thoughts which support them, …not as a way to express your judgments and anger …or your complaints and accusations, or to accuse and blame  others or events, but to clearly see and understand these pent-up, frequently denied things of yourself, to release them, and to make room for greater and finer aspects to live and take pleasure in. Joy and wellbeing cannot enter a person filled with unhappiness; love will never push dislike and hate out of its way; anger withholds peace and true strength; resentment resists forgiveness; grief as self-pity destroys gladness; and loss over-shadows gain. Speaking honestly and intimately will help you understand and loosen the tight grip you have on the mistaken and undesirable aspects of yourself …which are outpictured as your problems and body-symptoms …and which speak clearly of your illnessing beliefs and ways. Any dishonesty or concealment will only strengthen and reinforce these undesired aspects of your self and life.

          After clearly understanding your present self and life …and being willing to follow greater and finer ways, you will begin seeing the finer life and opportunities which are truly available to you, so you can be and live as you truly desire, …while trying to heal or cure or relieve your illness will, if successful, leave you with the self and life that your problems and illnesses reveal you have always struggled with and against. Make this your shining hour and new beginning, not just a moment of temporary relief …and continuation of your old self and life. If you resist changing, merely by clutching desperately to precious beliefs and old habits, a wondrous new self and life will be lost from you.

  Take every opportunity to

be born anew daily …as you truly desire.

          It is important to clearly picture both the self and life you truly desire and steadily pursue them, …fight for them if necessary. It is not enough to hope or wish for a greater and finer self and life, you must live your dreams at each moment …with every belief, thought, attitude, emotion, word, and action, …and the universe will emergently sustain you. No matter the temptation, do not cling to the past, …seek new, finer expressions of your dreams; put your old judgment-crutches and habits away.

          Wellbeing requires that you keep your spiritually mindful body and life constantly active …though not over-stressed. In all of your activities, do not forget your beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, emotions, and faith, for these require daily exercise as well; but do not make exercise, or any activity in your life, a chore, …have fun in everything you do. While working to follow your dreams, or while exercising your mindful body, enjoy yourself, …and exercise your attitudes of happiness, your faith in your dreams and abilities, your pleasure and satisfaction in living the truth of yourself, and your joy in the spirit of your self and life. Fill every activity with fully awakening and realizing yourself. Exercise your dreams at every moment …in everything you believe, think, feel, say, and do.

          Be optimistic, for if you expect the worst, it will surely be yours, …but be realistic in all that you do. Foresee the very best and follow through, and you will create and receive accordingly. In every situation, anticipate the greatest possible outcome for yourself and your activities from your finest endeavors. Inspire and enrich yourself …and fully support your own and others' worthy actions and activities. Nourish and strengthen yourself with encouragement, …never blame, accuse, or criticize yourself or others …or circumstances and events. Be insightful and introspective, …exercise your self-awareness. Withhold nothing of what you genuinely value from life …and life will withhold nothing of true worth from you, …for only as you set limits and restrictions will you be limited and restricted.

          How can you develop and maintain your enriching self-confidence, inspiration and encouraging attitudes, faith and love, fine emotions, belief in self and your dreams, and trust in your life and spirit …also known as happiness and wellbeing? Begin by carrying your head high with your shoulders back; hold your stomach in and your chest out; stand tall …with your back straight …but not tense; remain flexible …and walk with a firm step; exercise your legs in purposeful activities; and keep your arms and hands active in worthwhile endeavors. Do not exaggerate these postures and actions, …gradually move into them …and bring your finest dreams and attitudes along with you. And where physical, mental, or emotional disabilities seem to limit you, pushing against these self-imposed restraints and limitations builds the self-confidence that will help you resolve or overcome obstacles in circumstances and situations. Do not strain. Let these postures, actions, and attitudes express your self-confidence and inner-vision and inspiration, …but never try to force or control others.

          You speak volumes to yourself and others through the language of your body, …what are you creating for your body to say …and reveal about you? Are you inspiring and encouraging yourself and others? Are you enlivening the world within you …and around you? …and speaking confidently of your dreams and desires? Stop accusing and criticizing, …for your body and life want to speak encouragingly and fulfillingly to you …and to others. And above all, …end your judgments!

          Live passionately …and as fully as you truly desire, for you do not have to justify yourself to anyone, …but know that what is detrimental to others will also harm you …or withhold your desires, so choose wisely and proceed. You can always modify your dreams and goals …and your beliefs and actions along the way, …for the surest sign of self-confident individuals is their ability to change –to expand their self and life. Living and expressing your true desires is wellbeing, …living what you do not want is illness, …have you chosen wisely and lived fully?

          Joyous wellbeing is passionately, meaningfully, and purposefully lived …or it is not lived at all; …but setting meaning and purpose is not like setting goals to attain, achieve, or fulfill, …joyous wellbeing is the meaningful and purposeful way in which you live every aspect of your self and life. Do not hesitate …or wait for some profound meaning and purpose to come and awaken you …or to be given to you. And certainly do not accept tradition or the ways of others merely because it is, or seems to be, expected of you. A passionately enriching self and life …and the happiness and wellbeing you desire are yours by choice …and they await your choosing, …but you seem to prefer struggle and illness.

          And if you feel you must discover and fulfill the purpose for which you were created, remember, the universe, call that God ...or whatever you will, has never refused you …or prevented you from believing, thinking, feeling, saying, or acting as you truly desire, …it has always, completely and unconditionally supported your choice, so choose the self and life of your dreams and live them.

          Have you ever wondered why it might be that the universe has never revealed its meaning and purpose to you …or to anyone else? It is because the universe fully supports the meaning and purpose you choose with every belief, thought, attitude, emotion, word, and action, …so if your life seems devoid of real meaning and purpose, set them as you truly desire, for in that, you give meaning and purpose to yourself …and to the universe.

  The universe awaits you!

            Fully live the meaning and purpose you desire, …and let your body and life –-your happiness and wellbeing—speak boldly and proudly of your choices.

          For many, many centuries, individuals have viewed the world superficially and concluded that the universe is either an accident without genuine meaningful purpose …or it was created to fulfill a specific purpose unrevealed to man. These same individuals also proclaim that, in either case, your diseases, pains, burdens, and grief "prove" that the universe displays fiendish indifference to you, …while you must struggle desperately to live morally in the face of such burdens and problems imposed upon you by the universe …and overcome them.

          Could it be that in searching for the purpose and explanation of the universe, we have become too blind from our endless, self-imposed beliefs and struggles …and too dulled by our own feelings and judgments to see that the universe merely reveals us to ourselves?

          Do not expect to see and understand beyond yourself, for you never know individuals or things in the universe as they are, you only know them as you are, …and the universe clearly and constantly reveals you to you; …do you like what is being revealed to you? …or have you closed your eyes and ears and mind to everything within you and all around you? And if you do not like the self and life you have chosen to live, change (expand) yourself, …and the universe, for you, will change (expand) with you. This alone reveals that the purpose of the universe is to serve you, for if that were not so, ever should you change, …say, from a self and life of anger and violence to ones of love, everything would remain the same; …but we know that, in this example, as you change to love, angry people and violent events, though they remain the same, are, for you, completely changed from anger and violence to love. This is much more than seeing them differently, for with your changes, everything in the universe changes to accommodate you; …and if things do not change, then neither have you.

          People generally separate themselves into those who realize their divine freedom in and great responsibility for creating and maintaining their illnesses and burdens by living them, …and those who expect painless procedures and medications to relieve them of inconvenient, unpleasant, painful, or dangerous symptoms, so they can return as quickly as possible to a desired lifestyle, …usually to the same beliefs, life, and ways which outpictured the original symptoms. If you expect "medical marvels" to relieve your symptoms so you can return to your self and life "as usual", …well, you know what that is like, …don't you? Is that what you want to continue?

          Without exception, all treatments, procedures, and medications must be understood as only symptom-relieving, …not as preventing or healing any hurt, illness, or disease, …which are more correctly called "discomforts", for it is this "effect" that individuals seek relief from …and use as judgments of their cure: when their discomforts are resolved, disappear, or are lessened or removed from physical or conscious disturbance or concern, the cure is considered effective …and often completely successful. "Out of mind, out of body" is satisfactory for some, …but for the true physician-patient collaboration, this is only a first step toward wholesome wellbeing.

          Are you willing to understand your beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, emotions, words, and actions? …and see how you are living your pains and discomforts, your hurts, and your sicknesses and diseases in your spiritually mindful body and life? With that knowledge, you can decide if you want to continue these problems and illnesses, which frequently conceal even greater underlying discomforts, …or face your beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, emotions, words, and actions …and your situations and relationships honestly and directly, so that along with the benefits of your medical treatments, you will be able to live the self and life you truly desire …and stop living your pain, discomfort, and illness.

          It is time for you to realize that all choices made and lived are situational preferences or options, …not unchangeable promises, debts, or karma; …and they are certainly not tests, judgments, or punishments. As your decisions, thoughts, and choices direct events in your life, they may be changed (expand) to create the self and life you desire; but beliefs, choices, and actions will outpicture as illness if you carry them as judgments …or as unchangeable burdens, debts, or problems.

          If old choices and actions, and subsequent conditions and events, are carried as obligations, punishment, lessons, or resentments, your life will gradually become narrow and more confining and limiting, with fewer options, until you finally become a "victim" to these old choices, with no relief or acceptable options available, …all of which outpictures the conflicting beliefs, attitudes, emotions, burdens, and problems you are living and struggling against. Treating symptoms must only be to relieve your mind, so you can clearly understand and correct the real illness within you by creating and living, with your whole being, the self and life you truly desire.

          The lifeself you lived in prior lives is accurately encoded in your genes, such that your mindful body today, with its strengths and weaknesses and familial tendencies, fully reflects and embodies your previous beliefs and choices; …and your unvarying beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, emotions, and responses today carry and continue this lifeself pattern and functioning; in fact, your controller-genes ensure that all genes function to continue the patterns and functions you have chosen. But, as medical science is developing methods for supplying missing genes to change your usual patterns of problems and illnesses, and to enliven and strengthen other patterns, you have this treatment immediately available to you without external intrusion, …for you may change your genetic-pattern so it no longer creates unwanted behaviors, circumstances, functions, responses, and illnesses in your embodied self or life. It is also possible to add desired traits. This process is called "gene-release".

          While genes are truly established at conception, you can change (expand) the pattern or functioning of your genes just as surely as you can create new beliefs, responses, and actions …which releases old patterns. And even where the personal gene-pattern or plan in life is deemed to be destiny or karma, or God's will, and seems "fixed" and unchangeable, if you change (expand), whether through understanding and forgiveness, acceptance, grace, or by your own enlightened empowerment, and truly live a new self and life with every belief, thought, attitude, emotion, word, and action, these changes (expansions) create a new lifeself-pattern and functioning within you and release the old pattern. Also, by not activating certain genes or by making others more predominate, you can change (expand) the way your gene-pattern functions in your embodied self and life. This altering of genes can be so complete that damaged organs and other body parts can be repaired or replaced, …or your body may assume different proportions or appearances. And though this gene-recoding is intended as an internal process, artificial recoding is also possible, …and being done today.

          Since diseases, hurts, and illnesses outpicture inner-conflicts, creating and living the self and life you truly desire must be an integral part of all treatments, for only this releases the patterns you have preset or "fixed" in your body and life, …and this leads to effective preventative healthcare through satisfying meaningful-living. By acting fully and directly as you truly desire …and no longer carrying previous judgments, choices, feelings, reactions, and attitudes, whether "good or bad", into today's circumstances, your self and life are as you truly desire …without the inner-conflicts that outpicture as diseases, hurts, and illnesses. Of course, when previous actions are desirable and appropriate, these may be maintained …and only unwanted or undesirable feelings and responses modified or removed. Gene-release is not merely a change (expansion) of attitude and different responses, it alters your gene-pattern and functioning …and transforms all expressions of your spiritually mindful body and life.

          It is vital that you change (expand) your emphasis about treatments away from the search for causes and relief of symptoms …to the restoration and enhancement of the whole self and life you truly desire …which is filled with satisfying and fulfilling meaning and purpose. Of course, understanding and living your new self and life will be most effective when combined with traditional medicines and treatments which bring about relief of symptoms, …for a mind consumed with pains and disabilities cannot focus properly upon a new self and life no matter how desirable that may be.

Some groups, such as, for example, Christian Science, Unity, faith healers, Science of Mind, and many others, recognizing the role your mind plays in creating and maintaining diseases, have attempted with varying degrees of success, to heal these illnesses through use of mind, with little or no medical or surgical assistance or involvement. It is reasoned that if your mind created the illness, for whatever reason, it would be most effective for your mind to heal or uncreate the injury, disease, or illness …or withdraw support from them. But your mind and body are always in tune, they are one …as a mindful body, and your body is merely expressing –outpicturing— your mind's inner-conflicts. This being so, it is unreasonable to expect your mind, while sustaining the injury, disease, or illness and being then as pained and sick as your body, to change (expand) and heal the hurt or sickness, which is not even recognized as a problem to your mind. To ease this situation …and to loosen your mind's grip on maintaining your sickness …so it can begin creating genuine and sustained healing by living the self and life you truly desire, the symptoms must often be relieved by an outside source of treatment. No matter the pathogens, environment, and circumstances involved, all illnesses and symptoms reveal the self and life you are living …which maintains the form, severity, length, and consequences of your illness. And these things are frequently encoded in your genetic-pattern to be lived in your next life, …or until you truly change (expand) this pattern in your mindful body and life.

          For a long time, many religions have believed and taught that it is useless to fight a disease or illness with anything other than a treatment of repentance, because, obviously, the illness was sent as punishment for sin. So far, we have discovered that though individuals do live and maintain their pain and illness, it has never been shown that their moral values have any real affect on their illnesses or symptoms, …it seems that nature is indifferent to any notion of "right and wrong" …and always and clearly and only outpictures the self and life you are living.

          As your illness is being relieved, it is vital that you become aware of the true process of all hurts, diseases, and sickness, not only how to prevent them, for that is doomed to failure if only prevention is followed, but how to listen to your body and understand the lifeself you are living …and what you truly desire. And though you cannot heal, cure, solve, or resolve an undesirable self and life, you can certainly replace it with a healthy, gracious, fulfilling self and life you truly desire.

  The choice is yours.

            Now, we invite you to take a fascinating journey; …a journey stretching from the outer reaches of your inner-space to the inner reaches of the outer-space that completely envelops you. You will be able to travel back in time and forward into the future …without ever leaving today or yourself. As an interested and concerned wayfarer, you will be able to explore a complete network of interconnected and interrelated pulsing life. You will see sights you've rarely seen …and be able to probe emotions infrequently touched. Along the way, you will be encouraged to explore attitudes seldom known about or understood, …and you will be encouraged to discuss the way you normally react to yourself …and to others and events. You are advised to take pictures and create inner-visions of your self and life. And since much of what you will discover and understand will challenge your usual beliefs and thoughts, …you may have to endure areas of harsh or barren emotions, …or other areas crowded with complex, conflicting emotions. But, through it all, we are certain that you will form wise and generous images about your self and life …and release undesirable memories, long-held regrets and guilts, old angers and resentments, and detrimental feelings.

          As you travel around in your spiritually mindful body …and in the body of your life, you will discover exactly what they reveal about you …and how you are living your self and life, …regardless of how you believe you are living; …for your embodied self and life will speak clearly of your fears, doubts, and discomforts …and of the painful and conflicting beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, emotions, words, and actions which have taken up residence in your body and life.

          On this journey through your body and life, you will encounter strange, seemingly foreign aspects of your self and life which will most certainly speak to you in the unknown language of your body. To help you understand these foreigners …and so you can speak clearly with them, we have compiled a very brief descriptionary of words you will frequently hear …and want to speak in return.

attitudes: Air. The environment of your embodied self and life.

beliefs: Cells. The building blocks of your body and life.

blood: Enriched emotions that vitalize your body and life.

body: The oneness of cells/functions/mind/spirit, as a spiritually mindful body, which provides a complete expression of you and gives form/individualization/life to your soul.

breathing: Taking in vitalizing attitudes (oxygen) to form the environment of your inner-self and life.

cells: Beliefs that form and embody your self and life.

change: Expansion.

convictions: Accumulation of beliefs/cells which form tissues …or firm beliefs.

disability: Persistent, self-created weakness, shortcoming, or encumbrance which keeps you from engaging in ordinary activities or a normal life, or from performing a specific activity.

disease: Pathological conflict between the self and life you are living …and the lifeself you believe you are living/want to live/want to avoid or stop living/feel you should live.

embody: Give form/individualization/life to your soul, beliefs, nature.

emotions: Body fluids. Different fluids outpicture different emotions.

feelings: vessels/ducts/tubes/channels which confine, direct, control, and convey fluids.

fever: Mild to extreme agitated-excitement.  Your body's natural resource for driving out and burning up invading pathogens.

headache: Constant irritation and distress about, and suffering because of, your normal, or unusual or unfamiliar, conscious awareness. Fear and avoidance, criticism, unhappiness, lack of direction, uncertainty; a general or specific feeling that matters you care about or desire will not occur or succeed, …or that events, relationships, and/or activities are, to a degree, out-of-control and will not proceed as you want or visualize.

healing: Remedying/reconciling/resolving/correcting the self-created conflicts and defects in your spiritually mindful body and life. Actually, healing is the self and life you are living

inflammation: Reaction to injury characterized by irritation and agitation …and an accumulation of  unwholesome emotions (pus), usually combined with sensitivity, suffering, and distress.

inpicturings: The aspects/functioning of your inner-self and life which are revealed by mental/physical symptoms, events, functions, circumstances in your embodied self and life (outpicturings).

nerves: Reactions. Aroused responses intended as protection …and transformation.

outpicturings: Mental/physical symptoms, events, functions, and circumstances in your embodied self and life which reveal specific aspects of your inner-self and life (inpicturings)

pain: Actual or assumed lack of wellbeing, ranging from uneasiness to discomfort to extreme suffering. Anxiety, irritation, distress, agony. A warning!

wellbeing: Structural/ functional/ emotional/ mental/ spiritual characteristics you desire for you spiritually mindful body and life

            Now, with this descriptionary, you will be able to ramble about and explore your body and life on your own. At other times, we will direct you to search through and scrutinize specific area of your inner universe …and your outer world in creation and development. We fully expect you to be surprised and maybe even disturbed at what you will see and hear about your self and life; …and we know that you will probably dislike much of what you see …and turn away from the sight of many ancient ruins, …especially of the primitive walls you have built around yourself, …and the writings upon those walls which clearly describe your judgments, pains, stubborn attitudes, difficult emotions, false beliefs, confused thoughts, improper words, and ineffective actions. As you follow seldom-traveled roads …and along busy and complicated thoroughfares of your self and life, some areas will be well-lit, while others will be filled with dark, often scary lurking-figures, vague understandings, and some disturbing awarenesses, …but you will always be protected, …so we hope you will be happy and thankful for this introspective journey …and guide yourself to greater awarenesses …and a finer self and life.

          Pack your bags with your most precious beliefs, memories, and possessions …and be prepared to travel through a storm of attitudes, the fierce rain of tears and emotions, and the anguish of painful experiences, …for your journey will lead you into the heat of anger, the coolness of rejection, and the dry desert of stubbornness and resignation. You may even experience the pain and loneliness of renunciation …or the overwhelming conditions of excessive desire and self-indulgence. You'll be able to climb to the heights of awe and self-revelation …and may descend into the valleys of anxiety and depression. Ohh, …you'll be excited one moment and fearful or anxious the next; …elated then discouraged.

          You will be appraised and evaluated …but never judged, …and, when necessary, you will be supported and tenderly carried …and fed a steady diet of strength and courage and understanding. You will frequently be alone on this journey …but never abandoned or forsaken. And though the environment may often seem unpleasant, even hostile, you will never have to struggle, hide, defend yourself, …or conflict with others.

          As you travel in your body and life, it is important for you to realize that beliefs, techniques, and suggestions you will discover are NOT intended to replace the services of a trained health professional. All matters regarding your health and wellbeing require proper medical treatment and supervision. These ideas and understandings are offered to augment your present awareness of your self and body, …and the body of the life you are living, they are not to be used, in any way, as substitutes for appropriate diagnosis and treatment.

          If you are willing to take in and appreciate the beauty, goodness, and magnificence of the self and world you are creating and embodying, your journey will be fascinating, enriching, and enlivening, …and will offer extraordinary sights to remember …and even write home about. These experiences will enrich your life and reveal an elegance and fineness of yourself which you never realized existed; you will experience a strength and courage seldom known; and you will sense a fulfilling happiness only dreamed of.

          Along the way you will see your free will and choices at work along the pathways of your life leading to the temple of self-chosen blessings …where you may rest and refresh yourself by drinking deeply from the cup of your own emotions and desires …and awaken to your meaningful purpose. This journey will take you into your body and life to reveal exactly how you create yourself …and the world you face every minute. We want you to see how you give birth to pains and illnesses …and learn how to, instead, create the self and life of your dreams.

          For your convenience, we have compiled a simple outpicturing /inpicturing descriptionary that explains a few of these fascinating insights and awarenesses …and the extraordinary beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, emotions, desires, and choices of your life, …and we have included personal, introspective questions for your profound consideration. We know this journey can lead you to undiscovered realms of yourself beyond your old beliefs and ways and pains, …for life promises to emergently fulfill your true choices. This descriptionary offers a map to the major sights within your self and life which you may return to again and again to learn more about yourself through the language of your body and life.

Have a pleasant journey

of self-discovery.