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These joints outpicture the flexibility, adaptability, and unity required to transfer exacting and definite abilities into precise actions of giving, receiving and/or doing.


Being precise and accurate does not mean to be fixed, unconditional, or too strict, ...apply yourself and clearly and plainly to all actions. Have you been ambiguous or unclear with yourself or others? ...in your actions or relationships? How can you be exact and accurate without being too demanding of yourself, others, or situations? It is important to be true and unerring ...but not demanding, unbending, or stubborn. Yield in what you are doing, but be accurate and faithful to your original purposes. Are your actions valid and sound, ...properly applied? Are they true and faultless? Are you appropriately careful, conscientious, and thorough, ...or are you particular, finicky, and fussy? Are you correctly applying your exacting and commanding abilities to precise activities? Are you too unbending, unyielding, or ungiving? Are you too severe, critical, and inflexible in what you are willing to give or accept or do? Be adaptable.


Is your job and life too repetitive? There are many things you should examine and reconsider about your work and activities, ...your actions and relationships. Have you recently received a "slap on the wrist" for something you did ...or failed to do? As you insightfully and sincerely question the self and life you have built with your hands, the old misbeliefs that you cherished and followed for so long, may begin falling apart, ...which will require a greater flexibility and adaptability to create and live your dreams without returning to your self and life "as usual". 


Without flexibility and adaptability, your desired relationships and endeavors may come to a painful and discouraging end. To accept new beliefs and purposes, false beliefs and behaviors must give way. Have you been trying to convince yourself and others that your actions are appropriate ...when you know they are not? Your body and actions reveal your beliefs, ...what do you feel is being revealed? Do you have the same enthusiasm about and dedication to what you are doing as you did in the beginning? What are you trying to free yourself from? ...or keep yourself from having to do? Why? Should you recommit yourself to your old activities and actions? ...to your old endeavors? Have you been seeking a good justification for not doing something? ...for not meeting your commitments? ...for not changing your ways?


Why are you limiting yourself so? Are you afraid to truly express yourself? Are matters or relationships getting out of control? Are your actions hurting you? ...limiting and restricting you? Life, like electricity, has meaning and purpose only when applied, ...have you failed to use your power and imagination appropriately? Do you feel especially limited or restricted? Giving can enrich your mind, emotions, and life, ...do you feel limited in what you have to offer others? Does it seem that you have failed at something? ...then you should know that there are no failures in life. Nothing limits and undermines your giving/ receiving/ doing, and your wellbeing, more than your judgments and resentments, ...how are your judgments and resentments limiting and restricting your happiness? Consciously control your stream of hasty actions.


Have you been underhanded? What you outpicture in your body and experience in your life begins in your beliefs, is reinforced in your thoughts and in the environment of your attitudes, and relived in your emotions, ...all of which indicates that this problem of inflexibility, lack of adaptability, and discomforting actions have been around for a while. Though you may not feel it is true, you have the ability and power to meet every condition and situation in your life. Have you been struggling to hard against some affront or injustice? Ask yourself if your desires and actions are leading you to the self and life of your dreams. All things in life are good and benevolent, ...have you so twisted your actions that their truth and goodness are difficult even for you to see and understand?

All limitations are self-created and self-imposed. Are you afraid to accept the abundant good in your life and relationships? Why? How do you feel about yourself? ...about your life and actions? Are you afraid to put your thoughts and visions into action? Why? What are those thoughts and visions? Emergent miracles happen all the time. Are you confident about what you are doing? Do you lack the confidence to accept and fulfill the tasks given to you? ...to fulfill your responsibilities and commitments? You are capable, ...know that. Are there certain aspects of your own or another's giving/ receiving/ doing which you do not appreciate? You have large reserves of untapped abilities. In how many ways do you directly and indirectly deny your abilities? What risks are you trying to avoid? Carefully examine the restrictions and limitations you have imposed upon yourself; ...reappraise your capacities and abilities.

Are you willing to open yourself to new possibilities? ...and discover a whole new you? Are you willing to act upon what you find? Are you finding it difficult to come into your own? ...to change your old ways? Nothing can deny you the right to receive, ...are you fearful of the wondrous adventure that lies ahead of you? Opportunities to serve often come in unexpected ways. Enlightened individuals see the real meaning and purpose in all things, ...what does this reveal about the self and life you are living?


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