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These reveal your ability and willingness to carry your duties/ responsibilities/ commitments/ obligations and truly meet your self and life squarely and fully; ...to carry, as on your shoulder; to bear or support; to assume a duty, responsibility, or obligation; to apply yourself, as with the shoulder or putting your shoulder into all you are doing.


Is your life a trial, struggle, strain, distress, or hardship for you? If so, these feelings will frequently outpicture in your shoulders as to what you are bearing ...or being weighed down by. while shoulders often express worries and anxieties, and indicate that hardships, duties, tasks, and obligations are felt as burdens, if hurts/ illnesses/ pains occur in your shoulders, do not limit these outpicturings as suggesting life's burdens, and lessons to you, ...for life is a burden and lesson only in your mind, beliefs, and attitudes.


A shrug may indicate that you do not care ...or are unconcerned. Turning one shoulder can exclude an individual or situation from your life. Shoulders can display confidence or exaggerated strength when held high, or reveal an attitude of being overburdened when sagging. They provide the necessary flexibility in life for you to move your arms and reach out to receive or offer things, ...to help others or gain. Your shoulders are intimately involved in embracing life or an individual.


Are you carrying your share of the load? Are you overburdened? Do you properly apply yourself? Should you work shoulder to shoulder with others, such as in a partnership, in close harmony with your activities and endeavors, or cooperatively with friends? Do you act (and speak) straight from the shoulder? ...directly and straight forwardly? ...candidly, unambiguously, and boldly? How might you better-uphold your end? Are you properly assuming or accepting responsibility? Are you genuinely committed? Are you shouldering your way into matters that are not your concern? Are you aware of your purpose and calling in life? Have you undertaken too much? Are you a thoughtful and responsible companion? Do you meet and fulfill your duties, obligations, and responsibilities? Have you been rightfully entrusted with a secret, a charge, or a special purpose? has your performance been full and complete? Are you properly determined? Are you acting under duress? Undertakings should be joys, not burdens. Are you weighted-down by anxieties and worries?


New beginnings, duties, responsibilities, and opportunities often seem to occur in unexpected ways, ...are you being tapped on the shoulder to do something different or unusual? Are you on the edge, or shoulder, of the road of the life you want to travel? Are you on the verge or brink of something? Are you appropriately shouldering your self and life? ...your burdens? Are you carrying, upholding, or supporting something or someone? ...as a burden? Are you in doubt about this? In what ways? have you been shirking, avoiding, or neglecting your duties and responsibilities? ...denying your duties and responsibilities? Has an old activity, relationship, or endeavor become a burden? ...troublesome? ...more difficult, time-consuming, or involving than you had anticipated?

Are you facing a new and different set of challenges? No matter how much you may want to change, or think you want to change, and begin anew, there is almost always a part of your which doesn't want to change ...or being anew. The same is true of meeting your commitments and obligations. What or whom are you resisting? Do you feel awkward, ...maybe even unsure and vulnerable? Do you feel unprepared or inadequate for the tasks ahead? ...for fulfilling your agreements? Are you unwilling to take on additional commitments? Does it seem that you have given or sacrificed enough? Are you unwilling to lessen or give up your present activities and relationships to accept new ones? ...to lessen or give up your present beliefs, thoughts, or attitudes? ...to lessen or give up your present habits and ways? Are you unwilling to risk what you have? ...even for the self and life of happiness and wellbeing your desire? Are your self-doubts worth such losses?


Are you afraid to acknowledge the patterns of your self and life? ...the self-imposed restrictions and limitations? Details will not take care of themselves, ...that's your responsibility. Are you overburdened by debt? ...by personal possessions. ...by relationships? Unburden yourself!

Shoulder Joint

This reveals your flexibility and adaptability (joint), and willingness, needed to unify and act upon your duties/ responsibilities/ desires (shoulder) by reaching out to receive, by offering things, or doing things, or by helping others (arm) and putting these things into the body of your self and life.


Flexibility and adaptability will help, not hinder, your ability, ease, and performance in meeting commitments, fulfilling trusts, and empowering yourself. Perform your duties resiliently, not as burdens. Conform to your responsibilities, ...don't avoid them. Adjust your actions and the power you are applying, ...for being adjustable permits you to apply force and energy where it is most needed/ affective/ productive. Are you readily willing and agreeable? Accept only suitable desires and responsibilities which can carry and adjust to. Modify either your actions or the load you are carrying. Comply with other's needs and request, ...and your own, of course. Properly shape the things you are doing. Modify your actions; be more flexible and accommodating. Manage your duties, responsibilities and commitments better by adjusting your actions,, adopt and adapt new methods. Are your actions suitable and fitting? Are they proper? ...or are you acting too much from habit? Put more power into all that you do. Are you comfortable with your commitments, desires, agreements, ...and those of others near you?


Are you holding your responsibilities at arm's length? ...refusing to get intimately involved? Are you doing the same with your relationships? People you least expect to will support you. Are you helping and supporting others? Are you flexible enough to embrace and resolve strong challenges by holding firm and meeting your responsibilities calmly? Do you carry your beliefs easily and live them flexibly? Be adaptable, don't let events and circumstances or individuals control or limit you. Are you so afraid of offending others that you end up offending yourself? Responsibilities accepted in crises are not going to be the best.

You do not have to carry the whole load, ...there is nothing weak, lessening, improper, or unspiritual about asking for assistance. Be flexible, ...you can always find ways to utilize your finest talents. Forgiveness means you will have no one to blame and no burden to carry. Your personal flexibility will transform your self and life. You can reach greater heights than ever imagined ...or hoped for. Are you habitually critical, judgmental, and rigid in your mind, attitudes, and actions? Be confident of and flexible in living your dreams.

Shoulder problem

These outpicture pains about, conflicts in, or unwillingness or inability to shoulder your duties/ responsibilities/ desires. A stiffness/ pain/ weakness in your shoulder(s) outpictures your beliefs, attitudes, and emotions about a current event or relationship, or about yourself. Have you over-committed yourself? Do you feel over-burdened? Is someone or something putting too many duties and obligations upon you? Are you pained by your own or another's actions? Do you feel too weak to meet your  obligations and duties? ...your commitments? Have you been over-working? Are you attempting to avoid a task?


Trust divine justice. What you give your attention to is outpictured in your body. Be resolute in building your self and lie upon a firm foundation, not upon learning lessons, enduring burdens, or carrying imposed duties and responsibilities. You can best help others by supporting, inspiring, and encouraging them. Kind words can lessen burdens. If you are burdened by or unhappy about any area of your self and life, now is the time to reconsider your beliefs and take charge of your thoughts and attitudes.


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