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The right side of the body is frequently considered to represent "right", appropriate, worthy, understandings (right foot), intentions and purposes (right leg), acts of giving or offering (right arm), hearing (right ear), seeing (right eye). Following this reasoning, the body part affected represents the aspects of self which are "right", ...but if that is so, why are undesirable outpicturings involved? Could it be that what one believes to be "right" is not so "right"? Compare with left side of body.



Such right/wrong designations are frequently applied by those who believe in and live the judgments of right/wrong, ...and with individuals who believe in right/wrong, this division is a "starting-point", ...but just as your body is a whole and is not divided, nor is it a composite of opposing parts or forces or functions, nothing in the universe is so constituted; therefore, any outpicturing or aspect of your lifeself which is understood or evaluated on this basis is very likely to be misleading. All such outpicturings or assumptions about outpicturings must be verified.


This "right/wrong" representation is too convenient and simplistic to be real or appropriate, simply because judgments of right/wrong are false constructs, ...for all things in life, without any exceptions, are good and benevolent, ...and exist and work in concert, in harmony, and in balance with all other things. All judgments blind you to the truth of what is occurring (outpicturing) ...and how you are living (inpicturing), ...which are active constituents in diseases, hurts, and ailments.

In truly understanding how you are living your life, or how others are living their life, avoid generalities and judgments. You are not bound by what others think of you, or by what they may think is right or wrong for you to be and do; ...nor by what you think of yourself or believe you should or should not be and do. You are free to be yourself ...regardless of what you or others may think about that. Any appearance of "right" or "justice" is an appearance ...not a truth. You are enriched and uplifted in all matters, ...even if you do not see this; therefore, the only question to ask is, "Do I want to continue being enriched and uplifted in this way? If not, make a choice that you truly desire. Make genuinely new commitments. It is time to reconsider what you believe is "right".


You have an unfailing awareness and inner-guidance, ...rely upon them instead of your judgments. Make this a day of genuine new beginnings. Ending your judgments will free you to express and live your wisdom, wellbeing, and enriching happiness. Do not bind yourself to your old ways and habits. Consciously enter into the steady and enhancing goodness that fulfills all things ...and remember to be patient with others’ "faults and mistakes or rightness", for they are putting up with yours. Is it worth spending even one moment of life on judgments?


Having said this, since most people are steeped in "right/wrong judgments", it is helpful and advantageous and it is wise to consider that hurts or illnesses occurring on the right side of your body relate to aspects of yourself that YOU consider to be right, but never impose such judgments on others, ...discover whether they have a judgments about the outpicturing (the hurt or symptom) or the inpicturing (the aspects of self being revealed) ...and let that guide you.


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