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(hip to ankle)


(hip to ankle)




These reveal the soundness or weakness of your motives, ambitions, and purposes; they indicate the embodied aspects of self which move you or incite you to change and develop; and they demonstrate the motions and movement, or lack of these actions, in your self and life. Bring your intentions/ inclinations/ inner-urges (lower legs) to the level of aims and purposes (upper leg). Your legs outpicture your ability, or willingness, to put your understandings (feet) into motion and express them in the body of your life.



Legs outpicture the motives and purposes supporting your beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, ...and everything you do; they reveal your ability to take things in stride; and they carry you forward or backward in life. Legs represent your ability to put your understandings (feet) into motion and express them in the body of your life. Without adequate motivation to express and live your understandings, your life, being at a standstill, will not carry you forward, ...so circumstances, events, and relationships will repeat again and again. Does that sound familiar?


Thighs correspond to strong motives, while calves and shins depict lesser intentions or weaker purposes. Generally, your right leg (thigh, calf, and shin) outpicture your "right" intentions, motives, and purposes relative to giving, doing, achieving, performing, and helping; while your left leg (thigh, calf, and shin) outpicture these same aspects relative to receiving or gaining in life, which are frequently judged "wrong". This right/giving/performing and wrong/receiving/getting is only a generality, not an absolute, for this right/wrong of intentions and purposes is too convenient and simplistic to be real or appropriate, simply because judgments of right/wrong are false constructs. All things in life, without exceptions, are good and benevolent, ...and exist and work in concert, in harmony, and in balance with all other things, for all judgments blind you to the truth of what is occurring (outpicturing) ...and how you are living (inpicturing), ...which are active constituents in diseases, hurts, and ailments.


Are you strongly and appropriately motivated to move on in your life? ...to move ahead? ...to grow and expand? ...to proceed and move beyond the present? Are you excited by where you are going? Are you directing and moving your life along properly? ...as you desire? Are your motives, purposes, and goals worthy? The purpose of understandings and awarenesses is to inspire and excite you, ...not to fix you. Move on.


Be willing to change. Use your talents to the fullest. Know what you stand for ...and move forward. Be steady, don’t vacillate; ...improve, don’t decline. Move ahead with new ideas, inspiration, motives. Discover new talents. Movement is growth. Avoid stagnation and deterioration. Be enduring, abiding, and lasting. Persist; ...put everything you have into everything you do ...or don’t do it. Be stable and balanced, not fixed. Be firm, not rigid. Remain incorruptible. Test your understandings, motives, purposes, and goals, ...are they worthy and righteous?


Is your life at a standstill? Are your attitudes and relationships too fixed and unmoving? Are your desires stalemated? Are your endeavors at a dead stop? Have matters and relationships come to an impasse? Why? What has happened? Are matters really at a standstill ...or just pausing? ...or in a holding-pattern? Is this a lull or an ending? Are you keeping yourself open and ready? ...or holding yourself back? Are you avoiding or missing the creative adventures of life? ...of your relationships? Stay open to new activities and relationships ...and opportunities to move on.


Are you appropriately motivated for the results you desire? ...or do your desires and goals go far beyond your willingness to motivate yourself? If so, and you won’t motivate yourself, you should lessen or reduce your desires and goals, lest you live a life of frustration and depression. It is better to reduce your wants than to intensify your disappointment; ...but it is even wiser to increase your purposes, inspiration, and motivations. Are you conscious of the goodness and benevolence of all things ...and of the greater and finer things developing in your life? When you become conscious of more in your mind, you are prepared to create and experience more in your self and life; ...do not limit yourself by "want of more". Quicken your self to a greater and finer life. Feeling small or empty of a wondrous purpose will withhold much of life’s extraordinariness from you, ...for the way you believe and feel is the way you will live and experience. Move beyond your limiting beliefs.


You have an extraordinary purpose in life which only you can live, ...are you willing to purposefully lift your life out of the ordinary? Elevate your purposes. Expectancy is a vital ingredient of active purposes. You are not now, and never have been, at the mercy of outer events and circumstances ...or of your emotions and feelings. Do not be impatient, for many divine purposes are lived in a slow and gentle way, ...but that sense of true purpose is always present.

What is your self-chosen divine purpose in life?

Legs, general problems

Leg problems outpicture problems in your motives, intentions, and purposes, ...which frequently reflect your not wanting to move on, a fear of judgment, and anxiety about the future and the consequences, or a misgiving or uncertainty about your own or others’ motives and purposes. These hurts and ailments often reveal a lack of faith and trust. When leg problems occur, try to determine where your intentions, motivations, encouragement, inspiration, power, pressure, attractions, desires, ambitions, or goals are missing, disabled, hurt, or weakened, ...either by individuals or situations, or by your own inner will, or lack of will. The particular leg problem–such as weak, lame, broken, dragging, twisted, atrophied, short, shriveled, twisted, infected, missing, artificial, abnormal, or other–reveal a great deal about your intentions, motives, and purposes ...and your lifeself.


Are your motives and purposes genuine and honest? Are you afraid of being judged? Who is judging you? Do you truly know what will happen in the future? Have you lost faith in yourself ...and your trust in others? Where is your old confidence? ...certainty? ...security? Are you no longer hopeful and optimistic? Are your motives and purposes creditable and reliable? ...worthy? Are they meaningful? Do they enhance and enrich you? Are you being responsible and dependable? Are you struggling with or against your reasons, intentions, and purposes for being with someone or something? Decide and move on. Believe in yourself again. Questioning and doubting does not reflect unworthiness. Be steady and unswerving ...not fixed. Be sincere and straightforward; remain true and virtuous. Be upstanding and honorable ...never devious. Remain principled and moral ...for truth is your finest ally, faithfulness is your closest and strongest companion, and honor and richness are your greatest rewards. Are your true motives and purposes substantial ...and worthy enough to remain strong and correct ...and support you in all situations and circumstances? True purposes can be expressed and lived steadily and gently ...without the need for power, force, or stress. If your purposes do not offer acceptance and tolerance, they are not appropriate.


What does not progress ...dies. Increase and enlarge matters; develop, advance, and improve them. Have you been seeking a reason or an excuse for not moving on? ...for not living your greatest and finest self and purposeful way? Expand and perfect yourself and your life. Forge ahead, ...change what needs to be changed and move on. Grow/ develop/ mature/persevere. Call yourself to judgment; ...no one else has the authority or ability to judge you. Be discerning and understanding ...never critical. Desirable and worthy consequences require desirable and worthy purposes and actions. The whole weight of your spiritually mindful self and body and life bears on your motives, purposes, understandings, talents, and the stance you take, ...are you afraid to stand upon and live your stated beliefs and principles?

lower legs (calf and shin)

These outpicture your intentions, motives, inclinations, and inner urges; the beginning of putting your understandings and endowments into the body of your life. These reveal your lesser intentions or weaker purposes, ...ones closer to your understandings ...but not yet brought strongly into the body and actions of your self and life.


You frequently have vague or mild intentions, inclinations, urges, or even certain motives (calf and shin) which, if not raised and made more purposefully powerful (thigh), are usually abandoned and forgotten. Many were the desires and visions you had in school, when entering your job or profession, or when beginning personal relationships, most of which have past into oblivion as you moved on or ahead in your life. It may be time to reconsider your old dreams and put them more actively and strongly into your self and life again. Feeling lost or stuck isn’t a pleasant experience, but it may lead you to a stronger, more purposeful way of life ...which may be, in fact, your old images and desires and motives reinvigorated.


Your old urgings and motives and views of life are still with you, a part of you, carrying you forward, ...are they appropriate for the lifeself you are living today? ...or are they weakening you and holding you back?


As you cannot properly move forward unless all of the parts of your legs and feet work together and in proper order, your life will not proceed as you desire unless your understandings (feet) and your motives and purposes (legs) are properly put into motion. You cannot standstill and expect matters, and your relationships, to move as you desire. Have you been standing still on your principles? Move on, ...put your intentions into action or stop complaining and hoping. Wishes will not move you.

Are you aware of, certain and sure of, and comfortable with, your intentions, real motives, inclinations, and inner-promptings? Are they moving you in the right direction? ...in the way you want to go? ...or are they restraining and hindering you? Does it seem you are being led astray? Are you gradually, or quickly, moving into trouble? Are you being tempted or lured into danger or undesirable consequences? Avoid improper enticements. Stop continually following your previous habits and arousing old difficulties; ...be wiser than that. Understand what is happening. What is presently motivating you? Is it awakening, enlivening, and emboldening you? ...or will it threaten and weaken you? Are you grieved as you see all the wondrous intentions and motives which people leave unenlivened or unfulfilled? Are you doing the same? Your inner-urgings are part of the body of your self and life, so all attempts to conceal them or leave them behind will not succeed, ...you carry them along with you.


Are you advancing or retreating? Don’t be too hasty to answer, for your motives and actions can be very uncertain, hesitant, and deceptive. What are your intentions truly giving rise to? Are your inner promptings helpful or self-gratifying? ...enriching and fulfilling or weak and unmoving? Are you being refreshed or drained? Set yourself back on track, ...move forward again with strength, conviction, and energy. Are you following your true pathway? Keep up, ...don’t wander or lag behind your own desires. Are you willing to traverse problems in order to reach your goals? If not, reconsider your goals, ...they may not be very worthy or desirable for you. Stay informed and properly motivated. Are you in a rut? Walk easily in life. Positive intentions and desires are strong, but they will only function with your true purposes and understandings. Are your intentions and desires worthy? ...or do they require some adjustments? Are those adjustments appropriate or advisable? By correctly applying your understandings, inner-urgings, intentions, and purposes, you have the power to take your self and life anywhere you desire.

upper legs (thigh)

These outpicture your aims and purposes which add power and force to your intentions, motives, inclinations, inner urges, and understandings, ...so these may be appropriately put into the body of your life.


Your thigh, as the longest and strongest bone in your body, represents your longest and strongest purposes; and since bones outpicture your inner-strength/firmness/resolve, these purposes reveal your longstanding, strongest, most enduring determination and steadfastness. Are these purposes consistent with or in conflict with your longstanding, strongest, most enduring desires? Do you spend your purposes wisely? Or do you waste your purposes and inner-strength/ firmness/ resolve on trivial or inconsequential matters? As you view your self and life, ...are your purposes clear and apparent? Are they outstanding? Are they strong and worthy? Or are your purposes based on false and deceiving judgments?


Use your talents wisely. What are the driving forces of your motives and understandings? Do you move with passion and force, ...or are you too slow and weak? Are you properly guided and directed in the use of power and force? Know and express your ideals before being driven by them. Determination and resolution are not the same as ambition. Be diligent, not driving. Assiduously pursue your work, your divine purpose in life, and your chosen destiny. Persevere. Be devoted to all that you do. Pursue/seek/intend, don’t merely contemplate, consider, and meditate upon. Set out on a new, finer course of endeavors or direction in your life. Be resolved and determined, ...commit yourself and your life. Fix upon your purposes, but don’t be fixed by them. Be practical and realistic. Look ahead, ...where are you going? Be diligent in pursuit of your desires; stop moving aimlessly. Understand your motives, ...what truly moves you? Are you passionately inspired? Do not remain motiveless or motionless, ...set a passionate purpose and destination, ...willingly and knowingly move on. Are you following too-closely in others’ footsteps, ...or in your own? Push onward. Hold to your course, ...and follow through. Apply yourself; ...use your talents. Do you truly understand your aims, methods, purposes, and goals? What is your destiny in life, ...your life’s work? Persist. Walk the talk; ...do as you say. Follow your own words.


When you bring real purpose into your life, everything changes. If you take care of your purpose, your life and purpose will take care of you. Is what you are living for worth dying for? If not, it’s not worth living for. Does it surprise you that your purpose is not a part of life? ...that it is for you to create and live? ...for where your purpose takes you, there your heart will also be. Are you willing to make the most of your talents and purposes? Do you believe that individuals, circumstances, and events have slowly robbed you of your true purpose in life? Have you been holding your pain and disappointment in, denying them, struggling with your aimlessness and unfulfillment, and trying to go it alone? Do not conceal your enriching purpose by only seeing the physical side of your self and life.


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