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These joints reveal the flexibility/adaptability/unity (joint) required to raise your intentions, motives, and inclinations (lower leg) to the level of aims and purposes (upper leg), so these may be properly put into your embodied self and life as strong, motivating, flexible forces.


Like elbows and hips and other flexible joints, knees outpicture your flexibility and adaptability, ...and portray your ability to activate your understandings, aims, purposes, intentions, and motives, ...and to demonstrate your faith, inspirations, awareness, and inclination to move forward in life ...or hang back.


In what ways do you feel frustrated or held-back in putting your beliefs and ideas into action? Are you holding yourself back? How are you preventing others from expressing and applying their opinions and plans? In what matters are you too stiff and rigid? ...too judgmental and critical? Aren't you actually too lax and flexible? Why are you so unbending or unyielding in expressing and applying your beliefs and opinions? ...your intentions and purposes? Be fair in your judgments of yourself and others, ...or better yet, do not judge at all, for judgments only destroy understanding. Why are you so improperly unchangeable, unwavering, or fixed? Are your motives and actions too strict and stern? Are they steadfast, resolute, persevering, and reliable? Are you steadfast, resolute preserving, and reliable? Stop letting your focus and attention, your beliefs and thoughts, and your attitudes and emotions rest upon difficulties, ...for this seriously limits and restricts the visions, imagination, and motives behind your words and thoughts and actions. Do not live or create an uninspired life for yourself or others. Be firmly and steadily purposeful ...but flexible in living and expressing your purpose.


Why are you so accommodating ...yet uncompromising? How have you left your straight-and-narrow path? Be more obliging and cooperative; ...must others always conform to you? Stop being so demanding and exacting, ...properly define and experience your ideas and understandings before applying them. Be fair. Are your feelings genuine and honest? Avoid being too sanctimonious. Are your desires and beliefs reasonable and justified? ...lawful and high-minded? Stop taking advantage of yourself and others; ...choose the self and life you desire and live that ...don’t forsake your dreams to follow another’s desires. This is your life. Trust your genuine purposes; they will not deceive or forsake you, ...and this is essential if you want an enriching life of happiness and wellbeing.


Remain steadfast in your purposes ...but flexible in the ways they shall be lived and fulfilled. Take the responsibility for keeping your intentions, motives, and purposes free of fear and anxiety ...and moving away from individuals and things you do NOT want; ...choose and follow the visions and aspirations you do want. Follow creative purposes. Individuals, events, and endeavors are stronger, steadier, and more composed and complete when your motives and purposes are steady and not agitated. Greater purposes and opportunities may be revealed at unexpected times and places ...through unanticipated individuals and events; ...stay alert and flexible. Remain fully committed to your motives and purposes, ...yet open to greater and finer ideas ...and flexible in your words and actions.


True purposes renew and restore you, ...they never deplete you. Choose carefully and wisely ...and with your enhancement in mind. If it is difficult or discomforting for you to live your motives and purposes, ...reconsider. Live your enriching purposes ...even if you must do it alone; but whatever you do, don’t let your purposes control you. No matter how fine and fulfilling your motives and purposes may be, at times they may seem meaningless. Remain firm, for this will pass, ...and remaining true to your purposes will restore your strength, vigor, happiness.

knee (stiff)

Resistance or unwillingness to apply, or inflexibility in applying, your intentions, understandings, and talents. This problem frequently reveals an unbending stubbornness. The activity engaged in when knee stiffens indicates what you are resisting, ...and the degree of stiffness outpictures the intensity of your resistance.


Are you too obstinate and headstrong? Are you unwilling to bend in your purposes and intentions? Does it hurt to bend? ...to be a little flexible? ...to change your position? Are you too judgmental? ...too critical? Being strong-willed does not mean being contrary or uncooperative. Are you or others being too difficult? If matters or other individuals are unmanageable, maybe they shouldn’t be managed. Are others too judgmental? ...too critical? Are you too judgmental in your judgments of their judgments? Aren’t you being a little unbending? Things and individuals gravitate to you exactly as you judge them to be, ...which keeps you stuck in your stubborn judgments. Be enthusiastic, not resistant, ...for enthusiasm gives life to your dreams and desires, while resistance keeps you bound to what you are resisting, ...is that wise? ...or what you desire?


Are your motives, prayers, and goals inflexible, uncompromising, and unyielding? ...too fixed? Are you too unbending and uninfluencable? Is your own persistence hurting you? Don’t be too unrelenting. Is it difficult or painful for you to change your position, stance, and move on? Are your understandings, talents, intentions, and goals that worthy and righteous? Are your inner urgings so holy and spirited? Are you too impatient? Do you feel as though you cannot move on, ...or that it is painful to do so? Who or what is restraining you? ...hurting you? Are the beliefs, and is the philosophy you live by, truly serving you? Are they generously offering the happiness and wellbeing you desire? ...the enriching fulfillment you want? The strongest, most empowering stand you can take is one of nonresistance ...by fully living your meaningful purpose, ...everything else weakens and is relieved.


What or whom are you resisting so strongly? Does it hurt to ask for help? Appeal to others. Live a devotionally reverent life of purpose. Be pure-spirited. Are you too rigid? Be more limber and supple. Be enduring, not unchangeable. Have you been standing still too long? Relax and begin moving ahead slowly. Are your purposes and goals too cumbersome, lumbering, and ungainly? Should you slow down? Move more easily and harmoniously with everything and everyone around you, but do not surrender or run away from your own desires and purposes. Do not harden or stiffen your motives and actions. A stiffness or inability to bend in particular activities demonstrates problems in those areas of your self and life.


Though you do not find your present circumstances, relationships, or activities fulfilling and satisfying, ...are you reluctant to change matters? ...or resisting any changes? Think of this situation as an opportunity filled with goodness ...and move ahead with steady confidence. Remain flexible.


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