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Your head represents perception, apprehension, sensing, formation, and development, ...and portrays, your intellect, cognition, ideas, insight, acceptance and communication, control, attitudes in facing life, guidance, and nourishment (as represented by brain, hair, eyes, ears, nose, face, mouth and teeth, brain, and face). Your invigorating or depleting beliefs and attitudes about your self and all of life begin in your head. Your head, reveals your selfimage and consciousness.


Do you hold out your hand to give and your hand to gain in equal measure? Do you allow yourself to receive as much as you give? Do you want more than you are willing to give? Are you assisting others and resenting that? Where does your responsibility end and that of another begin? Remain flexible ...and release what isn’t yours. Understand the difference between servitude and support.


How well are you handling situations and relationships right now? Do you understand and grasp the purpose of existing events and relationships in your life? ...the purpose of yourself? In what ways are you too greedy, selfish, or miserly? ...too accepting? ...too giving? Stop being close-fisted in your relations with others. Do not demand more than you can handle, ...fulfill your commitments. Be genuine and sincere in your actions, ...never pretend or be deceitful; always be real and true. Bestow yourself to life, ...offer praise and appreciation. Be open; clearly set forth and demonstrate your talents and genuine concern for yourself and others. Be accepting, ...let go of old resentments and bad habits. Enter into the give-and-take of life. Cooperate. Be willing to find, accept, and live your divine purpose. Stop taking what is not yours. Realize and accept yourself. Are you holding on too tightly ...or embracing too closely? Relax, ...welcome others and events. Accept your own worth and goodness. Are you doing all you rightfully can and should? Are you properly sensitive and responsive to others? Does it hurt you to reach out? Give a hand to others, ...praise them. Help yourself.


Are you facing a relationship or situation which is more than you can handle, ...or more than you want to handle? Have you over-committed yourself? Are you afraid to stroke or caress your relationships? Have you been paining someone? ...yourself? Do you know how to handle what you’ve committed to? Do you use or manipulate others? Are you attempting to maneuver your way into situations or relationships where you don’t belong? Can you properly manage your affairs? Are you interfering with someone or something? Are you willing to give others a hand? ...to support others? Do you generally stay close at hand, ...easily accessible to those who need you? Are you competent at what you do? ...adept and proficient? Are you awkward and unskilled at the things you are facing? Discover the joy and wisdom in the things you handle. Implement your ideas. Are your hands charged with unusual healing power? Do you hold onto things until you accumulate too much and your life is filled with clutter? Accept and live the goodness and benevolence of all things.

hands, both

These reveal your doing, creating, performing. Administering and accomplishing.


Are you putting your wholeself into what you are doing? If not, what are you holding back? Why are you withholding that? What do you expect to gain by withholding? Do you do only what is necessary to get by? Do you do things only to see what you can get? ...or to manipulate people or situations in to giving you what you want? Have you put your self and life in order? Have you put your visions into your life ...and lived them? Do you usually do as you are told ...or asked to do? Are you doing as well as expected? ...as well as you expected? If not, is it that you’re not putting yourself into your life? Are you faring well? Are you creating the self and life you truly desire? What have you constructed in your life? What are you bringing into being? Is that what you really desire? Are you building and developing the self and life you truly desire? Are you imaginative in all you create and do? And when problems occur, ...are you inventive? ...or do you merely complain? What are you creating for yourself? Have you fully mobilized the powerful resources within you? If not, ...what are you waiting for? Don’t sit back and wait for others to make the first move, ...find your inner-resources and move ahead, ...for no matter how much you use or give away, that and more is reinvigorated within you.

hands, general problems

A difficulty in handling, grasping, or letting go of things. Trembling hands mirror an inner trembling or uncertainty. Are you nervous or anxious about what you are doing ...or may receive? Sweating palms indicate the emotion (liquid sweat) being exuded in a tense or involving situation; while poor circulation depicts a lack of emotion ...or withholding of potentially desirable emotions and attitudes from activities. Tingling hands suggest that you become more aware of how you are handling situations and relationships. Hurt or damage to the skin of hands shows how your actions and behaviors--especially regarding giving or receiving or doing--are hurting you ...and damaging your security and sense of protection, your definition of self, and your limitations and restrictions. Poor circulation in hands outpictures a lack of emotion regarding giving/ receiving/ doing, or withholding potentially desirable or necessary emotions and attitudes from current activities and relationships ...and from self.


Afflictions with hands indicate a general problem in handling things in life, or a difficulty in handling specific situations or relationships. A pain or problem in opening or closing your hand outpictures a difficulty in accepting, offering, or performing. Rough hands suggest a lack of gentleness in dealing with others or situations, and possibly carelessness; but, since this may not always be true, the condition of hands must be considered in relationship to the normal actions performed by them, or the hurt or difficulty involved. Are you having problems handling matters, difficulties, relationships, commitments, or other things in your life? 


Are you too greedy or non-accepting? ...over-indulgent? ...self-serving? Does it hurt you to give to others or to be accepting of them? Do you hold on to things too tightly or too long? Do you have problems understanding others or events, ...or grasping their meaning or purpose? Being too right-fisted can only hurt you. Are you being hurt by your own actions? Stop being so mercenary. Are your ambitions hurting you? Are you grappling with too many problems? Take hold of your affairs, your relationships, and your life, ...but not too tightly. Are you handling matters realistically? Are you properly in touch with situations? ...other individuals? ...yourself? Can you correctly manage and fulfill your responsibilities? Are you using your talents and resources appropriately? Stop trying to manipulate others. Is what you are handing out or giving others truthful and honest? Is something warning you, or indicating the inevitability of matters, ...such as handwriting on the wall?

hand, left

Receiving (as accepting or agreeing with). Gaining. Welcoming or embracing into your life (as believing or taking on faith, greeting, understanding or comprehending, embodying, including, realizing). If left-handed (left-hand dominant), reverse the outpicturings for right and left hands. 


You receive as you give, ...the two are as mutually interdependent as breathing in and breathing out. Are you manipulating someone or something to get what you want? Do you accommodate others? ...genuinely accommodate them? Are you taking in too much? ...over-committing yourself? Are you encountering new, more difficult matters and relationships in your life? What is being inflicted on you? Do you usually receive others with open arms ...and their beliefs and ideas with an open mind? Is there someone you are to greet and welcome who bothers and annoys you? Is there someone or something you should admit into your self and life? Have you accepted someone or something you now regret? Are you willing to accept another’s apology and forgive him/her? To accept does not mean you condone.


Have you refused to accept or forgive someone? Have you, or another, done something that is unacceptable? Are you disowning or repudiating something? Are you, too frequently and too dependently, seeking the approval or endorsement of others? Is this appropriate? Does it bother you? What other choices do you have? Is what you are working on acceptable? Are your desires acceptable? Are the desires of others acceptable to you? You receive to the degree that you are willing to live your beliefs, ...and you experience according to those beliefs, ...are your beliefs what and as you want to receive?

hand, right

Giving and offering (as bestowing upon, blessing or praising, entrusting or granting, assigning or dispensing, setting forth or manifesting, demonstrating, relinquishing, disclosing, or revealing).


When meeting people, always ask yourself, "What can I give them?" Make yourself a worthy gift ...and offer yourself to others. Contribute to others, ...do not drain them. Enrich yourself and others, ...or, more appropriately said, ...you enrich yourself as you enrich others. Do you entrust yourself to others? What of yourself do you convey to others? Do you easily accommodate others ...and varying situations and circumstances? Are you willing to indulge others with favor? ...to willingly assist them? ...expecting no favors in return? Do you tend to do things only in exchange?


Do you give yourself to life, and to your actions and endeavors, with great enthusiasm? Do you fervently devote yourself to your activities? Do you give yourself and others comfort? Ordinary interactions with people, events, and problems offer extraordinary opportunities for enhancement, ...in fact, troublesome people and situations are often your finest opportunities. There is more to do and gain than you can see or imagine. Works, not words, are the true measure of enrichment. What is the foundation upon which you are creating and building your self and life?


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