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Generally, this portion of your body represents the future; the future of your embodied self and life; ...it indicates what you are facing and moving toward.


Is what you see or sense about your future truly as and what you desire? Does your future appear bleak or joyfully fulfilling? ...enriching or painful? ...desirable or discomforting? Look carefully at the self and life you are living today, and have been struggling with for years, and you will clearly see the future you are creating for yourself, ...unless, of course, you make wise decisions to be and live as you truly desire ...and stop living to avoid what you do not desire.


Are you fronting for someone or something? Are your words and actions true? Are they to be trusted and relied upon? Are your appearances real or affected? Does your future look bright and real? Are you at the front lines of your life ...or trying to catch up to events and circumstances? Are you absent from your life? Do you normally maintain a calm front throughout your doubts and problems? ...throughout your ordeals? Is your bearing and are your external appearances as you would have them be? Are you putting on a front? ...a false front? About what? What are you concealing? Are "appearances" really so important? Is your life truly real, ...or are you merely moving from one appearance to another? If you continue living your present self and life, what future do you see being created for you? ...by you? Is this what you desire? If not, it is important to alter your self and life at this moment; ...do not continue your old, painful beliefs/ thoughts/ attitudes/ words/ actions and expect that everything will change to your liking in the future, ...or that you will be relieved of your problems. Your lifeself today gives birth to your future, ...do not expect to overcome the self and life you are living. You are, today, seated in the front row of your futures ...and have a clear view of all the drama, ...do you like what you see? 

Are you struggling to create and maintain a calm front? ...a wise and serene demeanor? ...helpful attitudes? You cannot hide, ...for external appearances accurately outpicture your inner-self to those who caringly see you, ...and those who do not genuinely care, will never see and know the "real you". Be careful of any pretense or facade, ...lest your future be a pretense and facade covering the real you and the life of your dreams.


What are you facing? Is that what you are looking forward to? Are you willing, just for a moment, to stand in front of your self and life today and insightfully see what you are creating and living? Your future is now!


Do your dreams have any future? Do your activities and endeavors have the future you desire? Do your relationships have the future you originally visualized? Do you? Does your work? Do any of these things offer, now and in the future, the meaning and purpose you desire? What are your chances for advancement in you work, endeavors, relationships? What are you willing to do "right now" to ensure the future you desire? Or do you believe that your future is out of your hands, ...and will be determined by god? ...or by others? ...or big events and circumstances beyond your control? Don't be so foolish, ...this is your lifeself to live or forsake. What you anticipate or fear today ...you will be and live tomorrow; ...yet, when you really think about it, there is only today ...and yesterday, of course. What in the past do you see of your future? Is that what you want to continue living?


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