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Feet (foot)


Feet (foot)


These correspond to understandings, endowments, and established position about yourself, others, and life. They represent what you stand for; what moves you; and your support and foundation in life. These are the grounds in life upon which you stand ...and upon which your life is built. They are the movement of realizations, insights, and awarenesses, ...and beginning movement toward or away from enlightenment; they keep you upstanding ...and are the basis of what makes an outstanding life; and they represent taking steps in creating, giving form to, and developing your self and world. Besides providing a firm position, feet ensure stability, while, at the same time, they establish the basis for future movement and development.


Being sensitive, your feet react in step with what you assume to be right/wrong or good/evil. As a result, there is a tendency to consider that feet properly outpicture the judgment of right (right foot) and wrong (left foot), but this is too convenient and simplistic to be real or appropriate, simply because judgments of right/wrong are false constructs, ...for, without any exceptions, all things in life are good and benevolent, ...and exist and work in concert, in harmony, and in balance with all other things. All judgments blind you to the truth of what is occurring (outpicturing) ...and how you are living (inpicturing), ...all of which are active constituents in diseases, hurts, and ailments.


Are you too judgmental? How are these judgments blinding you to the truth of your self and life? ...to the truth of others? ...to the appropriateness of your endeavors and activities? ...to the goodness and benevolence of events and circumstances? Is it painful to move off of and away from your certainties and convictions? ...your fixed position? Are you so certain about your certainties? Have you been too positive? ...falsely positive? Are you really certain ...or are you concealing doubts? 

Do you have hope and faith? ...but are these adequate certainties? Maybe you are merely presuming, ...is that appropriate or wise? How much of your self and life is based on judgments and unfounded presumptions? Are you relying on facts that have not been properly checked and verified? Are you fatalistic or certain of the inevitability of matters? Are you sure ...or just betting that you are right? Is that wise?


Are you concealing your doubts and indecision? ...your skepticism or unsureness? ...your disbelief ...or misbeliefs? Are you truly confident in and satisfied with your beliefs and understandings? Are you too cocksure? Are your understandings really so unquestionable or incontrovertible? ...unshakable? Are you struggling with and against others’ stubbornness? ...unchangeable position? Is their position unfounded? ...unreliable? ...while your position, of course, is true, valid, and well-grounded, ..isn’t it? Then what is so difficult and painful? Are your understandings weak and tender? Are they confirming or limiting?


Is it difficult for you to stand-up for yourself? ...for your ideas and endeavors? ...for your understandings? ...for others? Is it hard to stand on your own two feet? What do you truly stand for? Are you standing on firm ground ...or merely insisting on your own way? What understandings form the foundation of your life? ...of your difficulties and struggles? ...of your burdens? ...of your relationships? Are you happy with your understandings? ...do they properly and fully support you as you desire? Do they easily and comfortably allow for movement and change in your self and life? What understandings are you truly building your life upon? Are your understandings built upon love and intimacy? ...fulfilling happiness? ...or constant judgments? Do you fully understand the phrase "deciding with your feet"? Are you deciding something with your feet right now? Or should you decide by walking away?

Are you walking the path of life you genuinely and passionately desire? Are you taking yourself toward or away from enriching enlightenment? ...toward or away from the happiness and wellbeing you desire? Are you reliable and upstanding in all you say and do? Are you truthful? ...not sometimes, but always? Are you living an ever-creative self and life? What are you forming and developing? What understandings are you creating for your future? ...for future lives? Are these what you sincerely want to continue living? ...or continue struggling against?


Do you have an easy grasp of things? Are your understandings sensitive to and compassionate toward yourself and others? Are your understandings insensitive or unfeelinged? ...unresponsive? How do your understandings affect your self and life? Do they support each other and function properly with other understandings? Do you tend to stumble or fall a lot? If so, you might want to reconsider your understandings, ...and your movement and actions based on these understandings? Is it difficult for you to compromise? Do your understandings make you sore? Are they infected? Do they infect other understandings? Are your understandings too soft? ...too hard or harsh? ...too rigid and inflexible? ...flat and uninspiring? ...unsupportive?


Your feet are a perfect outpicturing of the thoughts, beliefs, and understandings you have developed and are living with, ...have you made wise and appropriate choices? Have you given yourself the cherished gift of strong, supportive, flexible understandings (feet)?

feet (problems):

Don’t stand still; life is not intended to be lived from a single rooted position like a tree. You are to move about, easily and comfortably, engaging your understandings in new experiences with many individuals and events. Any hurt or pain which impedes that movement is detrimental to your living an aware, insightful, self-realized life of understanding. Be kind to yourself, your feet, and your understandings.

Blisters on feet outpicture irritating stress, usually a constraint or abuse of your understandings or actions, which involves a reaction of hurt emotions, rather than the hardened responses depicted by corns or calluses. Since bunions are bony protrusions which result in pain and limit your motion, when these occur, discover how and in what area of life you are being painfully limited in actions or desires by your own or another’s inner strength, firmness, resolve, or stubbornness.


Dragging your feet demonstrates laziness, procrastination, or stubbornness, ...or feeling hampered by certain beliefs, probably traditional beliefs or ones you feel are being imposed upon you, such as "shoulds".


Are you taking a proper stand for or against matters? Are you standing firm and steady? Are you honest and upright? Are you correctly standing on your principles, ...or have you forsaken them? Are your beliefs and understandings well-founded? Is your position firm and correct? ...too firm and unmoving? Are you properly standing up for your own rights, ...or for the rights of others? Are you confronting or standing up to others? Do you properly understand what is happening around you? Are you comfortable with the position or stance you have taken? Do you truly believe in yourself? Are you fully aware of and correctly applying your abilities, understandings, powers, talents, strengths, and other endowments? Is your position too fixed, unchangeable, immovable? Should you change or change your position? Is your position and situation durable and lasting? What do you really stand for? Do you take matters in stride?


Are you leaving your footprints in the sands of time? What course in life are you walking? Is this truly what you want? Are you satisfactorily moving along in the matters and relationships you have chosen? Are you proceeding properly? ...as you desire? Are you treading on others, their ideas, or their rights and privileges? Should you advance further? Is it time to stop and reconsider your understandings? Is your present position or situation properly balanced? Is it reasonable and responsible? ...enriching and fulfilling? Are you and your understandings enduing and dependable? Are you too immobile and fixed when you should be active? How is your resolve? Have you been stubborn or obstinate? Balance your understandings and desires with appropriate actions. Is your behavior moving you forward or backward? Set a correct and desirable course and remain steady. What are the main principles, fundamental ingredients, and understandings of your life and actions? What are you establishing or building in your life?


Face changes alone will not change your self or life, ...you must do that on the inside and express those changes to others; ...face changes only prepare you to change your lifeself. Look within yourself and life, and in the mirror, and recognize the wonder and inspiration of what you see. The constantly shifting expressions on your face do not provide you with wise, practical, or useful reference points from which to evaluate and guide your self and life, ...but the lasting forms are very revealing.


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