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Your face outpictures your insightful perception(s) (eyes); self-knowing and self-evaluation (nose); acceptance (mouth); inner strength and resolve (skull); thoughts (hair); self-assurance (cheeks); security and general appearances (skin); and expressions in encountering life (facial expressions). This reveals how you face your self and life ...and the face you put on for the world.


Your face (selfimage) develops early and quickly as you meet life and declare your happiness or displeasure with events and circumstances. Are you generally pleased or unhappy with your self and life? Do you correctly show and express your pleasure? ...your displeasure? What "truths" about you and your life are revealed on your face? Look in a mirror, ...are you pleased with whom and what you see? Would you seek to be friends with someone like you? Are you, basically, your finest friend and ally ...or your strongest opponent? What would you like to see developing on your face? And if you were to change something on your face, what, along with that, would you change about your self and life?


Your face reveals how you face life: your desires, successes, failures, fears, and expectations. It reveals what you present to people, ...and from that, what you face and react to in life. Each attribute and emotion within you is displayed on your face, which seemingly transforms you into many different individuals showing themselves to others, ...never the same, yet not really different. Feelings and emotions are displayed on your face for all to see. It outpictures how you are "facing up to things", "losing face", or turning to "face the other way". What does your face reveal about how you react to your self and life? ...to others? What attitudes and emotions are most frequently displayed on your face? Pleasure and happiness? Grief and sadness? Fear or expectation? Faith or disappointment? Know that what you see may not be what others see; ...are you concealing something? ...hiding the truth of yourself? Are your smiles genuine ...or forced? Is it easier for you to reveal your grief, anxiety, guilt, and displeasure than your appreciation, happiness, and thankfulness? Are you willing to let your inner-transformations show on your face? Let go of false beliefs, emotions, and expressions about your lifeself and purpose. Stop living and revealing your self-imposed burdens; ...life is on your side, it is not acting against you. When going through "rough times and difficult situations", your first inclination is to express that on your face so others will notice and sympathize with you, which only deepens and prolongs your problems; ...relaxing your face will arouse new emotions, inspiring ideas, greater opportunities, and finer ways.


As a whole, your face (selfimage) represents your thoughts (hair); consciousness (head); listening (ears); insights (eyes); attitudes and a sense of self (nose); nourishment and communication (mouth); words (teeth); and your security, protection, and limitations (skin). Your face and its expressions outpicture your beliefs/attitudes/emotions about these things.


Do you contort your self and life in the same way that you contort your face? Do you constantly express your annoyance with others? What does your face feel like on the inside? Do you take pleasure in what you feel and sense? Do you feel the joy ...or the worry and unhappiness? Does your name fit your face? Does your reputation fit your face? If you are seeking to "discover yourself", begin with your face, ...what do you see and sense? Are you constantly having to conceal or justify your actions in order to save face? What does your face reveal about your expectations ...or face to the future? Do you face life boldly? ...face your commitments squarely? ...face your intimate relationships openly and honestly? Or do you confront others, your commitments, your future?

Is your face to the world real and true ...or a facade? ...a false front? Is it a mask that you put on and manipulate from the inside? Does it express your realism or pretenses? ...the joy of your self and life or the superficiality of your beliefs, thoughts, attitudes, and ways? Are your expressions genuine ...or fabricated to conceal your real emotions? Discover where your self and life can be enhanced. Though your mind translates your fears and desires into reality, these are first created on your face so you can see and enjoy your creations, ...or reconsider them.

face (problems)

Are you proud of and pleased with your face ...and how you face things in life? Do you have facial scars and pains and discomforts from previous encounters with others and life? ...encounters with yourself? Facial "tics" and twitches" outpicture your worry, doubt, uncertainty, or nervousness about the things you have faced, are facing, or are about to face. If you are ashamed of your face, are you also ashamed of how you normally face others and situations? Wrinkles indicate that your face to the world is beginning to dry out; lose its elasticity; will not cover or hide as much as when younger; and is beginning to sag under, or show the results of, the strain of your actions and pretenses in life. Do you put on a "pretty face" to conceal your inner doubts, uncertainties, and anxieties? Make-up is a desire to beautify, ...to conceal or improve what is natural; it is an attempt or desire to hide or deceive what is outpictured on the face.


What are your perceptions about yourself? ...about your life? Are you facing difficulties or disappointments? ...non-acceptance? ...unusual or unexpected joys or pleasures? ...the dissatisfaction of others? ...rejection? ...your responsibilities? What or whom are you hiding from or not facing? Do you truly express yourself ...or disguise yourself? Are you willing to face up to, acknowledge, or admit the truth of yourself and your affairs? Can you cope with matters? ...yourself? ...others? Do you try to conceal your feelings? What are you confronting? Do you look the part you are playing? Should you change your carriage and bearing? ...the way you face others? ...yourself? What is your self image? Do others see that? Do you impress people? What kind of impressions do you leave? Are they honest and true? Have you been making mistakes or hiding from your own errors? Do you accuse others? ...blame and criticize yourself? Are you generally on time? Do you keep your promises. Are you being judged? Are your expressions true? What are you revealing? Are others open and honest with you? Are you open and honest with others?


Face changes alone will not change your self or life, ...you must do that on the inside and express those changes to others; ...face changes only prepare you to change your lifeself. Look within yourself and life, and in the mirror, and recognize the wonder and inspiration of what you see. The constantly shifting expressions on your face do not provide you with wise, practical, or useful reference points from which to evaluate and guide your self and life, ...but the lasting forms are very revealing.


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