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These joints reveal the flexibility, adaptability, unity you have to apply to all you do. In transferring the inner self’s strength to your activities, a great deal of flexibility is required in order to meet different situations or to exert varying pressures exactly as needed; your elbows provide this flexibility ...and offer a way to change the direction of force in each situation as required. 


Elbows can suggest rudeness, such as elbowing your way in or through; an unwillingness or resistance to bend in your way of believing and doing things; or show the effort required to accomplish a task or desire through expressions such as "elbow grease". Do you really want to complete tasks? ...or have your desires?


Be specific and accurate, yet flexible and adaptable, in your actions. How are your unclear and indefinite actions unsuccessful and misunderstood? Do you understand your own actions? Are you adequately empowering your actions? ...or are you too stubborn? Be more careful and meticulous. Are you properly flexible and adaptable? Avoid being unbending, unyielding, or ungiving, ...be firm ...not rigid. Accept help. Reach out more; stop limiting yourself only to individuals and matters close at hand. How is your giving to others or receiving from them, difficult and painstaking for you? Yield to others' needs. Let your inner power and strength manifest in more ways, ...less rigidly. Let others know exactly what you are doing, ...quit concealing and denying your desires and actions. Be more appreciative and accepting. Stop twisting or distorting your desires and movements; adjust your actions, ...make them more suitable and appropriate. Stop holding back. Be more out-going to others and more accepting and flexible in receiving from them . Reach-out.


Are you too serious and rigid, ...without a "funny bone"? Are individuals standing too close, ...at your elbow? Are the things you desire within reach? Are they appropriate for you? Do you bend your elbow (drink) too much? Are you impoverished? Are you poorly dressed ...or out at the elbows? Are you up to your elbows (too involved) in your activities and relationships? ...very busy? ...too absorbed? Are you trying to rub elbows with (associate or socialize with) someone ...or a group of individuals? Are you lacking elbowroom? ...sufficient space or latitude? ...freedom? ...flexibility?


Steadfastness is most appropriately expressed through flexibility, ...which can resolve difficult situations, individuals, and circumstances. There are many ways you can support and help yourself and others, ...not just one particular or most meaningful way. Be flexible!

elbow problems:

Stiff, inflexible, or damaged right elbow: resistance to, inflexibility in, or lessened in giving or doing. If this condition occurs, you might ask "What do I want to do, that I think I am not ready or willing to give, but ought to give, yet, I’m not inclined to give? If your left elbow is stiff, inflexible, or damaged, ask the same question about what you want to receive. Are you resting on your elbows instead of doing your part? A dislocated elbow temporarily relieves you of the necessity to put more force and energy into your actions, ...or prevents you from doing that. What might you be avoiding?


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