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 The area and form of protection for the emotional-empowerment that drives your self and life (heart), ...and that which enables you to refresh, sustain, and cleanse your attitudes (lungs) and vitalize your self and emotions (blood).

For a man, the aspects of self and life which offer protection (chest) for his emotional and attitudinal empowerment (heart, lungs) are inner-firmness combined with force and control, ...while, for a woman, those protected aspects enable her to personally nurture and sustain others (breasts). Men generally develop to act through strength and power, ...while women act through nourishing and comforting. This is a general description, not a firm distinction, ...and it does not indicate separation, differences, or specific roles for individuals in life, for men may certainly nurture and sustain others ...and women may rightfully act through force and control; ...but, underneath it all, there is an inner-strength/firmness/resolve that protects each individual. Today individuals have the opportunities and abilities to live and express their soul/trueself/divine spirit ...or any particular aspect they desire ...without being limited by appearances or presumed or imposed roles.


Do you keep your emotions inside, ...as though in a locked chest? What is the true heart and soul of your self and life, ...do you know? what is at the core of your empowerment? ...your vitalizing attitudes and emotions? What is in the dark recesses of your heart? ...of your attitudes and emotions? ...of your soul? Are you willing to leave the bosom of your family and traditional ways and move on? Has a close associate or intimate relationship disappointed you? Do you keep yourself distant and/or remote?


Are you over-filled with pride and self-importance? Are you too puffed up? Are you arrogant or haughty? Modesty does not act against dignity. Are you pretentious and showy ...or rightfully being yourself? Are you over-extended? have you taken on more than you can reasonably handle? Do you regularly, evenly, and deeply expand yourself and take in new attitudes? What's ahead for you? Are you enthusiastic and bold about your prospects? Are you unkind and insensitive? ...too uncaring and unresponsive?

No matter how strong or courageous you may have proved to be, there will come moments and situations in which you will feel in need of protection or deliverance from burdens and experiences which seem beyond your ability to handle.


Are you too controlled and self-protective in your actions with others? ...and in life? How does this restrict your emotions, attitudes, and vitality? Your control of self and life determines the self and life you are creating and living. Your embodied self does not in itself limit or control you, ...and your self and life must not be rigidly defined and lived. When you control or express your attitudes and emotions, they become you ...and you are those attitudes and emotions. How you live and what your life becomes depend upon what you protect ...and what you expand, ...choose wisely.


Do not hold onto grievances, resentments, or guilts. Enthusiasm and confidence are intimately connected to your purpose and what you expand. Are you living a wondrous life ...or your heartaches? Where do your peace and vitality come from? From around you ...or from within you? You believe and think and live in body sensations, in emotions and attitudes, in protection and containment, and in what you expand and contract. You can and do direct your attitudes and emotions as you will. You have become what you are, one attitude and emotion at a time, ...you are in charge of your body and mind, ...have you been a fine manager? If you want to become and live your dreams ...just for the sheer joy and excitement of it, warm and empower the inner-fire of your attitudes and emotions. A fine life to you!


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