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Your back reveals your most recent past (upper) and your deepest and farthest past (lower); ...the previous time and place of your self and life from just below your level of conscious awareness (brain) to the area that unites your separate purposes (at pelvis) and gives you the ability to empower your body and life to move on. Your back outpictures your past; from immediate to far memories, from the immediate past to previous lives. It is your past acting within and upon you today. 


What is past is not past, it is within you today, ...for all things in the universe are forever. Is your past, or are your previous beliefs and behaviors, bothering you today? ...hurting you? ...creating discomforts? You build your self and life today upon the framework of your past. What have you built? Though the past will never return to the present, it is firm, fixed, and supportive within you. Even old attitudes and emotions from the past are circulating within you today. Whatever is past within you is never out-of-date, ...let that continue supporting you. Gain strength and stature from your past, ...and remember, you are building your past right now, ...what are you creating? Your life’s story is written upon and within your back. Respect your past; respect your back. Your past is nearby, ...within reach. Do you have the support and backing you desire? ...that you need? Do you feel unsupported?


What does not support you does not, necessarily, oppose you; ...think more wisely and expansively than this. What you were and what you are ...are not two separate things. You are creating and living your own pattern of strength or weakness, ...do you adequately support yourself ...and your desires and endeavors? Have you no backbone for the self and life you are creating and living? You feel today according to the patterns and habits of your thoughts. Awaken from the pain and discomfort of your past to a vibrant and enriching present.


What has come back to you? Your past is fundamental to you. What is happening behind your back, ...is someone talking or acting behind your back? Are you doing things behind another’s back? Are you, or others, being faithless or disloyal? ...deceitful or malicious? Are you breaking your back for little or nothing? ...working too hard? ...overwhelmed? Are you flat on your back? ...broke, ruined? ...helpless and powerless? ...destitute? ...abandoned and friendless? ...too weak? Are you getting your back up? ...are others? Are you or others irritated? ...exasperated or angered? What or whom are you provoking? Are you turning your back on individuals and activities? What are you forsaking or abandoning, ...leaving behind? Are others rejecting you? What are you renouncing or repudiating? Are you disowning someone? Are you denying what you have done? What are you neglecting or ignoring? Are you backing down or retreating? ...abandoning someone or something? ...backing out or withdrawing? ...trying to back out or withdraw? Are you vacillating, being undecided or fickle? Is another? Are you indecisive; moving back and forth? Are you or others wavering and uncertain? Are you going back on your promises? ...betraying or forsaking someone or something? ...breaking faith? ...contradicting yourself? Are you speaking falsely or defaming others? ...slandering someone? ...backbiting? Are you dealing with the backlash of your own or others words or actions?

You have backbone, don’t abuse it. Remain strong and steady, ...live your true principles and resolution.


Let the past and your imagination work for you, not against you. Don't limit yourself to your usual interpretations of the past, ...break away from your common beliefs and ways of seeing and judging things. Help the past work in your favor. The simple act of remembering clearly is helpful in developing and strengthening your imaginative skills. Let today be today, not merely a continuation or rebirth of the past. The power of the past is staggering. Being truly imaginative and creative often means not settling for the first thing that comes to mind, for that is likely to repeat the past. Today poses questions ...and infinite answers and possibilities, ...isn't that more exciting, empowering, and rewarding than repeating the past? Creating new ways of believing and thinking and behaving will enhance your self and life. Live your visions, not the past, ...look beyond what you have perceived and experienced.


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