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Arms reveal your capacity and power to make actions more definite and exacting. Your right arm represents giving and offering, your left is getting and receiving, and together they outpicture your doing in life.

A presumed lack of strength or unwillingness to perform a task is often outpictured in your arms as a pain, hurt, disability, wound, or weakness. And when the acknowledgment, recognition, appreciation, and help you want from others is lacking, you are probably not offering these sufficiently to them either, ...for an arm extended in offering is extended to receive.


If it is difficult, painful, or impossible for you to raise your arms high overhead, what might that be revealing of your ability to offer or accept praise or excitement or glory, ...or about your willingness to volunteer or be counted in or upon? Is an action, duty, or obligation too painful for you to perform? Are you avoiding these actions? Are you pained by seeking help? Do you feel too weak or unable to perform a task, meet a responsibility, or fulfill a duty or promise? Have you broken a promise? The form and severity of pain, hurt, disability in your arms outpicture the problem or inability of getting power into your actions ...or setting your desires into action.


Open arms, like open hands, show willingness; while crossed arms often demonstrate unwillingness, hostility, firmness, doubt, question, exasperation, or defiance. Are either of these actions painful? Are you unable or unwilling to make these gestures? Paralyzed arms illustrate your resistance, inability, or lack of desire to reach out and either offer or accept assistance, or to perform a task.


When a rash or boil occurs on your arms, discover what is emotionally irritating you on the inside about an event, relationship, or task which you are having difficulty expressing or releasing, giving to, or receiving from.


Is receiving or giving to others or events irritating to you? Are your present desires, or the needs of others, too demanding? Are you acting too impulsively or impetuously? Too boldly? Are you being held back? Are you afraid of being unchecked in following or completing or having your dreams? Are you acting too impatient or over-confidently? Have you made a decision about something you want, but are afraid to act upon that decision? Are you feeling powerful? ...too week and insufficient? Do you have the authority you desire? Do you express that correctly? ...fairly? Are you attempting to command or sway others? Is this appropriate? Are you properly supporting others? ...protecting them? Are you defending and justifying yourself? ...others? Are you too defensive? Do you welcome others, and life, cordially, ...with open arms? Are you gracious and friendly?

What are you giving to others? ...to yourself? Are you offering too much? ...too little? ...demanding too much? What are you manifesting in your life? In the life of others? What are you yielding or relinquishing? ...entrusting to others? ...granting to yourself or others? Is this appropriate? ...fair? Are you accepting handouts? What are you producing? ...creating? Will you deliver? Are you giving too much away?


What are you attempting to gain? Is that appropriate? Do you draw others near or hold them at arms-length? Are you burdened by what you have asked for and gained? ...by meeting your responsibilities? What are you holding onto? Should you let go? You cannot contain or control everything, so stop trying. Embrace life with open arms!


These outpicture your ability and power to make actions more definite and exacting.


All mighty--powerful--actions, to be correct, must be properly and justly applied. Do you realize that strength and power alone will lead you astray? Temper your forcefulness, ...you are not invulnerable. Are you correctly applying or focusing your energy and vitality? Are you appropriately active? Even firmness must be directed and applied with care. More than brawn or muscle or strength is required to accomplish your desires. Are your actions suitably guided and controlled? Are you the master of your actions? Do you apply your influence and authority evenly, justly, and appropriately? Power, strength, and supremacy must descend to precise actions. Are your substantial abilities fittingly applied? Are your actions adequate and effective? ...are they genuine? Do you make things happen and help others achieve or fulfill their desires and purposes? Are your actions remarkable, ...or just passable? Are they acceptable? Do you warmly and cordially give to others and accept from them?



These reveal your putting the power of self and your responsibilities, and the force of your body and life, into action; your ability to meet your responsibilities and duties; and fulfilling yourself and your desires.


Do you have the authority, duty, and responsibility to act? Are you demanding more than your due? ...and more than you are willing to do? Are your actions rousing and impressive, or conspicuously weak? Are your actions enlivening and inspiring, or are they intended to push, impel, or force others? Do you put the proper energy into your activities? Is there an animation and liveliness in your actions? Are your manners and actions too forceful? Do your actions carry your full weight and importance? ...your authority? ...your knowings and wisdom? Are your dealings too dominating and improperly authoritative? Do your deeds seem harmless and ineffectual? Is your conduct sufficient? ...useless? ...wasted? Do your actions hurt or wound others ...or yourself? Do you feel hopeless, weak, and unable to fulfill your desires? ...to achieve your goals? Are you defenseless, unarmed, or vulnerable? Do you have the power and resources you need to accomplish your desires? Is your behavior assailable? Are you meeting your responsibilities? Are your actions draining your emotions, energy, authority, power? What are your duties? Are you acting honestly and ethically? Are you reliable and dependable? Do you graciously and kindheartedly give to and accept from others?


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