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These indicate the flexibility and adaptability which unite and unify your understandings, endowments, and established positions in life (feet) with your intentions, inclinations, motives, and purposes (legs).


Are you sincere and purposeful in your intentions and motives? Do you know the truth of your understandings? Do you realize the implications of your beliefs and understandings? ...of your words and actions? Contemplate before speaking or acting. Do you truly know your ideals? Do you live up to them? What are your true aims and goals? Are you aware of your preferences and cravings? Are your understandings filled with unworthy fondness ...or wondrous desires? Are your understandings/ intentions/ purposes excessive? ...too rigid? ...too flexible or inflexible? What truly motivates you?...too weak? Does this hurt you? Do your understanding/intentions/purposes seem twisted and confusing? Do you offer proper incentives to others? ...to yourself? Do you encourage, inspire, and stimulate others ...and yourself? Or do you push and force or entice them and yourself? Your motives should be more flexible. Adapt to new needs and requirements. Motives unite understandings and actions. Be more inspiring. Reconsider your motives and reasons; ...are they reasonable? Accommodate others and new conditions. Become familiar with new purposes and understandings. What have you learned from the past? 


Are others' motives bothering you? Are they too rigid? ...too flexible and unreliable? Motives and intentions should be flexible and adjustable, but never pliable and wavering. Are you comfortable with your own motives? Be more receptive and yielding, but never sacrifice truth and righteousness. 


Combine your intentions and motives with your understandings. Cooperate; act with others to support their goals. Join forces. Pull together with others of like mind and purposes; move along with them. Bring agreement and harmony into your goals and purposes and activities. Act in friendly understanding. Find a reasonable consensus; be more flexible and adaptable. Goodwill strengthens understandings.


Be more flexible, less judgmental. Creative flexibility is looking at the same things as others, but seeing different things. True flexibility is not only being open to new meanings/ purposes/ understandings, but searching for them. When you’re through being flexible, you’re through. Others have a right to their opinion; after all, it’s generally of little use to anyone else; ...consider that about your rigid and wavering opinions.


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