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What is Wisdom of the Body?

Wisdom of the Body  is founded upon the awareness that all things are uncaused emergent miracles, …that cause and effect are simultaneously the same, …that the unconditionally loving universe, without judgment, supports your every choice, …and that all things in life, though they seem different and separate, are wholly ONE.  You may be as skeptical as I was about this, …until you realize that these understandings reveal that your long, frustrating search for the basis of health and wellbeing …and happiness, and the causes and cures of diseases as you expect them to be, are futile. Your body is not filled with disease or wellbeing, but you can certainly live disease’ingly or wellbeing. Disease is not dis-ease in your body or life. Whether you choose illness or wellbeing, the universe always supports your choice …without any judgment, …for you are always free to believe a belief, …think a thought, …live within an attitude, …direct your emotional flow, …say a word, …and select your doing and being in life. And even though self/mind/disease or wellbeing may seem different and separate, …in truth, they are ONE. You are an eternal spirit that is mindfully embodied; …you are a spiritually mindful body, …a spiritually embodied mind; …and you are and always have been a ONENESS. ...read more




Who is Constance Smith?

During most of my medical career, as a professional nurse for 32 years, including 27 years as a nurse-midwife, I have been committed to listening intently to my patients in an effort to discover and understand what truly creates health and wellbeing.  Over the course of my career I have delivered over 5,000 babies …and had the privilege of intimate relationships with thousands more individuals. I have offered many wellbeing-tools to my clients ... read more


A Journey to SElF!

   No matter what you may have been taught, there is never any dis-ease between you and your body, …for you are well-suited companions in this life …constantly speaking openly, honestly, and intimately with each other. Your body always offers it tremendous guiding-wisdom in ways that speak louder than words, …but it never tells you what you should or should not do, ...read more


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